Here's how you use Leadsie to get faster access to your clients'

TikTok Ads


1. Create a TikTok access request

Create a custom request, with the "TikTok" toggle switched on.

You can also switch TiKTok on by default for all your access requests

How to create a custom TiKTok access request in Leadsie
Send the TikTok access request to your client

2. Send the TikTok access request to your client

Now your access request is ready, send it to your client.

You can copy and paste the custom Leadsie link, or send the request via email.

3. Your client logs in with TikTok

When your client clicks your Leadsie access link, they will be able to see details of the request, and log in with TikTok to grant access

Your client logs in with TikTok
Your client approves the request

4. Your client approves the request

Now your client has logged in, they can select the TikTok advertiser account they want to share access, and approve the request. Job done!

5. Job done!

You and your client are now connected, and both of you have saved time and hassle by using Leadsie. Time to party! 🥳

Your client logs in with TikTok

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Access Request for TikTok
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5 stars

As an agency, we're always looking for ways to enhance the onboarding experience for our clients as well as give our internal teams all of the access to hit the ground running. We embed leadsie on our website and share the link in our onboarding questionnaire. Our team gets notified of which assets we've got access to so they don't have to waste clients' time which can be spent doing work that's going to generate them revenue. Leadsie has improved our onboarding time ten fold and we wouldn't go without it.

Jason West
JMW Digital


Which TikTok assets can I access through Leadsie?

For TikTok, you can get view-only and manage access to TikTok Advertising accounts.

Click here to see a nice overview of what you can access with Leadsie on every platform we support 💪

How is using Leadsie better than manually requesting access to TiKTok?

Getting access to your clients' TikTok accounts can be a struggle. Agencies have to know each client's advertiser ID in advance - and your client needs to know how to find the right settings and information on TikTok. This leads to friction when you just want to impress your new client. You can waste even more time if you also need to set up Meta or Google accounts. Leadsie solves this problem by automating access to TikTok and 7 other top marketing tools, with a single link.

Is Leadsie secure and GDPR compliant? 🔒

Yes! We have spent a lot of time making sure Leadsie is secure.

We are partnering with Facebook and Google and are approved for giving you access. When we grant your access to accounts, the required information (tokens) is encrypted and locked down to a database that only our Leadsie servers can access.

No one would be able to get access to you or your clients' accounts, even if our servers were compromised.We are also fully GDPR compliant and can provide a Data processing agreement (DPA) upon request.

What other platforms does Leadsie support?

Here's the full list of platforms Leadsie currently support:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Business Profile (FKA Google My Business)
  • Google Search Console
Does my client need a Leadsie account to give access?

No, they don't need to create an account with us. Your client only needs to log in with their Facebook, Google Account and/or TikTok account.. Easy peasy! 😀

Do I lose access to my clients' accounts if I cancel my subscription?

Of course not! Even if you cancel your subscription with us, you will still have access to your client - unless they decide to remove your access, of course.

Are you adding other integrations, like YouTube, LinkedIn, Wordpress & Shopify?

Indeed, we're working on it! Sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date.

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Do you have a product roadmap?

Yes, we do! Check it out here.Get in touch if you'd like to see other features or languages on our list, we'd love to hear your feedback.

Questions unanswered? Check out our help center or get in touch 🤠

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