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Want to Make a Lasting Impression With New Clients? Here’s How EmberTribe Embraces Slick Onboarding

An agency who started out with just a handful of people behind the scenes, EmberTribe has grown to 50 people serving over 150 clients. Growth is what they do best; their focus is on using growth strategy to improve clients’ bottom lines. A quick glance at testimonials shows how quickly EmberTribe sprinkles their growth magic on their clients’ business. And wow, have they got the success stories to attest to their growth genius. Read more below!

Johannes Radig
July 29, 2022
5 min. read
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The one requirement EmberTribe has for new clients
Every Agency’s Hair Pulling Moment: Onboarding
‍How Does Onboarding With Leadsie Improve First Impressions?‍
How EmberTribe is saving tons of time getting access across clients

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The one requirement EmberTribe has for new clients

A lot of success has come through paid channels, audience market fit, and finding opportunities to scale. Whether clients are looking to scale profitability for an exit or to grow a bigger brand, EmberTribe can concoct the right strategy. They know a thing or two about putting a growth budget to optimal use. 

From SaaS businesses to ecommerce and direct to consumer brands, the variety of clients’ industries is what keeps life exciting at EmberTribe. 

The only requirement for clients who want to accelerate their growth with EmberTribe is that they adopt a growth mindset. When you become a client, you can be sure that you’ll learn a bunch of useful stuff along the way too.

Here's Mia sharing more about their auditing process - and why it is so crucial:

A data-driven team makes sure clients understand where their growth is coming from. Their strategies aren’t necessarily trying to reinvent the wheel, they don't have to; but they ensure that all opportunities for growth are investigated.

The company directors are also involved with accelerators, incubators, and mentoring to advise the next generation of founders and business leaders. Although early stage startups aren’t usually their clients, the team want to give back by helping new founders learn how to scale.

Every Agency’s Hair Pulling Moment: Onboarding

There’s no one set formula for growth, which is why the team conducts a thorough audit before taking on a new client. An audit can identify clients’ pain points and leaks in the funnel. Access to this data helps the team create a tight, streamlined plan for growth. 

But guess what? Getting access to the required data has always been a pain point... as Mia explains further:

Many founders don’t run ad campaigns themselves, so rarely know how to give access to the right data. This was heavily bottlenecking the process for EmberTribe. 

The audit is an integral part of winning over a new client because they are more comfortable with a strategy based on actual data. What’s more, EmberTribe can feel more comfortable advising when they see the numbers first.

The team was wasting time testing different methods to get access to clients’ historical data. This wasn’t only frustrating for them but frustrating for the client too. 

Some clients even equated the long onboarding time with how the agency works, which could be detrimental to the impression EmberTribe wanted to build. They’re a quick, agile, targeted agency that just happened to be embroiled in the long saga of onboarding new clients. The screen sharing and long-winded onboarding emails were leaving the wrong impression on new clients. 

How Does Onboarding With Leadsie Improve First Impressions?

Before Leadsie, onboarding was a pain, a mess! Guess what, Leadsie streamlined the process.

Leadsie has been pivotal in the day-to-day role of gaining access to historical data when conducting a client audit. The team can now conduct more audits due to the speed of access - the quicker they can gain access, the more work can be done. 

When it comes to the new onboarding process with Leadsie, clients now say, “that was easy”! It’s so easy for them, some have even asked for a check that it’s worked. As Mia explains - some can’t believe it was that simple:

It’s also easy for the agency to see which clients have connected which assets, thanks to the Leadsie notifications. No more stalling with getting started; Leadsie helps keep the train moving down the track. This is a great relief for the agency because they can get to delivering value from the get-go. 

If someone is talking about it, it’s not a good thing. The less they talk about the process of gaining access, the more they talk about the results of that access which is the most important part! You want it just to work, no questions asked - more on this by JP:

Is the close rate higher since the team has been using Leadsie? Quite possibly, yes! Knowing that they won’t be wasting any time getting started on an account gives the sales managers confidence when walking into first conversations with clients. 

How EmberTribe is saving tons of time getting access across clients

So what happens when the clients sign? This is when Deanna and her team start working to properly onboard them. Of course, getting access is essential. Deanna explaining more about this and how her team is saving a ton of time across clients:

EmberTribe now uses Leadsie to get access during their onboarding process. Previously, when they needed higher permissions, things couldn’t move forward until they had access. The process has been entirely streamlined - the client can go in and can grant access - there’s no more need for screen shares, calls, and back and forth emails trying to get all the info required from the client. 

“The unmeasurable part is the client experience.” 

On average, EmberTribe audits up to 50 clients and onboards at least 15 clients per month; imagine the hassle of getting all the information from each of those clients. 

The efficiency with which they can onboard now they have Leadsie is measureable (loads of time saved) - the client experience is not. But certainly: Happy clients, happy agency, happy us. 🎉

Thanks for taking the time to tell us how Leadsie impacted your workflow EmberTribe! We look forward to hearing how you’re putting the new integrations to use. If you want to know more about how EmberTribe could help your business grow, book a strategy call with them here

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