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How to Give or Request Access to a Google Ads Account in 2023

Are you an agency looking to streamline its onboarding and take the hassle out of requesting access to your client's Google Ads Accounts? Here's the easiest way to relieve this huge headache. Hired an agency or freelancer to take care of your Google Ads campaigns, you’ll need to give them access to your Google Ads Account, this quick guide shows you how to do that too. Phew 💁‍♀️

Sarah Wisbey
February 21, 2022
3 min. read
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Why Do You Need to Give Access to Your Google Ads Account?
How to Grant Access to Google Ads Accounts 
How to Request Access to a Google Ads Account 
Is There a Simpler Way to Request Access to Google Ads Accounts? 

Google Ads is a powerful advertising platform that most businesses can’t live without. It’s an essential tool for companies hoping to reach their target audience.

We suspect you’re here to get Google Ads access. Well, you’ll be glad to know that you’re not the first person who needs to give or request access to the platform. And you surely won’t be the last.

Requesting access can be a little tricky, but giving Google Ads account access to others is a simple task that should barely take a matter of minutes. 

Continue reading and you’ll soon know how to give access to a Google Ads account. And we’ll guide you through understanding how to request access to a Google Ads account too.

Prefer a video? Watch it all below!

Why Do You Need to Give Access to Your Google Ads Account?

There are many instances in which you might want to hand over account access. You may need to grant access to your Google Ads agency account if you’re working with a marketing agency, freelancer, or consultant.

Many businesses hire experts in the field to optimize campaigns. Once they’ve been granted access, they can create, edit, and manage a Google Ad campaign to yield better results.

Giving them access allows you to let them to audit or work on your campaigns without having to share your log in details (please never do that!).

When you give someone else access to your account, you have complete control over the permissions they get. You can also view the actions the invited accounty takes in the history tab. 

Before granting access to anyone, ensure you trust the individual or agency. And be sure to set appropriate account access level permissions to maintain the security and privacy of your Google Ads account.

Without further ado, let’s show you how to share Google Ads account access.

How to Give Access to Google Ads Accounts

Here’s how to give access to your Google Ads directly from your Google Ads account dashboard: 

1. Log in to the Google Ads account you want to give access to 

2. Go to Tools and Settings in the top right corner

3. Select Access and Security 

4. Hit the blue + button

Invite Users to Google Ads

5. Add the email address of the person you want to give access to the account

add a user to Google Ads Account

6. Choose the permissions you want to grant them 


how to send invitation to Google Ads Account
  1. They will receive an email notification that they have gained access to the account

Most agencies or partners will probably want to use a different way to connect through a Google Ads Manager account (formerly known as an MCC). Using this method, you give access by accepting an invitation your partner will send to you. 

Are you an agency or freelancer? This next bit is for you! 

How to Request Access to a Google Ads Account 

If you are managing Google ads for a client, you’ll need access to their account before you can conduct an audit or get started with managing their advertising campaigns. 

You can ask your client to give you access straight away by sending a request. Keep in mind that you will need to know their Google Ad account ID in order to use this method.

Here’s how to request access to someone else’s Google Ads account: 

  1. Head to your Google Ads manager account 
  2. Go to Settings —-> Sub Account Settings

Google Ads Sub Account Settings

  1. Hit the blue +  
  2. Click on Link existing account
Link existing Account

  1. Here, you will need to add your customer's Google Ads ID (annoyingly, they often don’t know it!) 
  2. Once you get hold of it, paste it into the box. Google Ads will send a ‘request permissions’ email to your client
  3. Your client will need to click on the request link and manually add you to their Google Ads account 

Is There a Simpler Way to Request Access to Google Ads Accounts? 

Yes, there is 😏

With Leadsie, you can simply send a request to your client, they log in to their Google account, select the Google Ads account they want to give you access to and hit confirm. That’s it!

Leadsie does the work in the back end and adds you as a manager to the account. You can even request access to Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google my business all with the same link. 

If you manage multiple assets for your clients, you can easily request access to their Facebook pages, Facebook Ad accounts and Instagram via Leadsie. 

You can create an account in 1min below and get an unlimited, free 14 day trial. 🙌

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