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How to Give and Request Access to Instagram in 2024

Is getting access to your client's Instagram account causing you stress and wasting your time? Don't worry; we got you. Here's how to do it in a few simple steps. 📸🤳

Ekta Swarnkar
April 26, 2024
3 min. read
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Why Give Access to Your Instagram Business Account?
How to Give Access to Your Instagram Business Account
3 Steps for Linking Your Facebook and Instagram Account
How to Assign Instagram access to Partners via Meta Business Manager Account
Why Request Access to Your Client’s Instagram Business Account?
How to Request Access to Your Client’s Instagram Business Account
The Manual Way
The Leadsie Way
Have You Received Partner Access but can’t see Instagram in your business manager?
The Easiest Way to Request Instagram Access

With 1.22 billion people using Instagram for 53 minutes daily - it’s clear the platform has captured the audience well. And so businesses must step up their game to get their part of this engaged audience. 

If you’re ready to scale your instagram efforts, you’d want to outsource it to an expert who’d then require access to your account. 

Or if you’re an agency or freelancer who has just onboarded a new client to help them with Instagram marketing, you’d need access to their account to start working on it. 

This post will teach you how to give and request access to Instagram.

Prefer a video? 

Step-by-step video for how to give access to Instagram:

Why Give Access to Your Instagram Business Account?

Like other social platforms, Instagram’s algorithm requires consistent content creation and engagement to grow. And as you have many things to look after, managing Instagram or any social media platform would be last on your list. 

But that doesn’t mean Instagram isn’t important. So you should outsource its management to a professional who’ll create Instagram posts and look after your account’s engagement. 

For that, they need access. That’s why - to ensure your Instagram account grows constantly, you must share access with your partner. 

How to Give Access to Your Instagram Business Account

Since Facebook owns Instagram, you can (and should) use Meta Business Manager to manage your Instagram account and Facebook page and ensure unified management. 

Important info : You can't give access to your Instagram account directly from the Instagram app.

Lifehack: To give access to your Instagram account, all you need to do is LINK YOUR  Instagram account with your Facebook Page

All you need to do this is: 

  • An Instagram Business account
  • A Meta (Facebook) Business Manager

As all permissions for your Instagram are managed via your Facebook Business Manager, all you need to do is link your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Here's an easy step-by-step guide for managing this process:

3 Steps for Linking Your Facebook and Instagram Account

1. How to Check If You Have an Instagram Business Account

1. Open Instagram and tap the 3 black lines in the top right-hand corner of your app

2. Click on ‘Settings’

3. Click on ‘Account’

4. At the bottom in blue, you will have the option to ‘Switch account type’ 

Find Switch Account Type in your Instagram Account
Switch Account

5. If you currently use a personal Instagram account for your business, you can switch to a Business Account

You can always revert back to a personal account. The downside of having a business account is that it’s always public. 

2. How to Set Up a Meta Business Manager Account

If you want to give access to Instagram, ensure you and your partner have Facebook Business Manager accounts (also called Meta Business Manager).

If you don’t, you can create one here. Follow our step-by-step guide for creating a Business Manager account manually.

If you're an agency using Leadsie, your clients can create a business manager simply in a few clicks via Leadsie. Here's how it works:

Then, ensure your Instagram business account and Facebook business page are connected and you’ve added them to your Facebook Business Manager account. 

3. How to Link Your Instagram Account With Your Facebook Account

If you followed the two steps above, you now have a Business Instagram account and Meta/Facebook Business Manager. The next step is to link your Instagram Business Account to your Facebook page.

i) How to Link a Facebook Page With An Instagram Account via Instagram: 

1. Open Instagram and log in to your account

2. On your profile, click on ‘Edit Profile’

Select Edit Profile

3. Where it says ‘Public business information’ click on ‘Page’

Click on Page

4. It will open a window that offers to ‘change or create page’ 

A window to manage the connection will open

5. If you don’t have an existing Facebook page, you can create one; if you do, you can link your Facebook page by logging into your Facebook account

connect Instagram and Facebook accounts

6. Once you enter your Facebook credentials, you will choose which page (if you manage more than one page) you want to link to that Instagram account

7. You will then be taken back to Instagram, where your page should now be linked. Woo hoo! 

You can double-check the page shows under ‘Public Business Information’ in your Instagram settings.

If you prefer to link your Instagram and Facebook pages directly from your Meta Business Manager, follow these steps:

ii) How to Add Your Instagram Account to Your Meta Business Manager

The easiest way to link your Instagram with your Facebook is to do it via Instagram as above. Linking Instagram and your Facebook Page and then sharing access via your page is sufficient for most businesses.

BUT if you want to manage a shop on Instagram Commerce and share access to it, you'll need to add your Instagram account directly from Facebook.

Here's how:

1. On your Meta Business Manager dashboard, under ’Business Settings’ go to ´Instagram Accounts’

Click the “Add” button and connect your Instagram

connect Instagram and Facebook page

After adding the account, you can see it on the left column, like here:

Instagram account in Meta business manager

How to Add Partners to Your Facebook Business Manager Account (so they can also manage your Instagram!) 

Woohoo! Your Instagram and Facebook accounts are now connected if you followed the steps above. If you want to give someone access to your linked Instagram account, all you need to do is add them as a “Partner” to manage your assets. 

The easiest way to add a partner in your Business Manager is by using Leadsie: 

Once you add partners and assign them “permissions,” they can perform most tasks, like creating content or managing ads directly through Facebook, using their Business Suite.  

If you share access to your Facebook page via the business manager, your partner automatically has the following Instagram permissions: 

  • Post content directly to Instagram
  • Create and post reels
  • See past content and performance
  • See and respond to comments
  • Run ads
  • Use third party applications to schedule content

Manually Adding Partners in Business Manager (the long way!)

To manually add your freelancer/agency as a partner, you need their Business Manager ID.

1. They can find it in the Business Info column in Business Settings

Facebook business manager settings

2. Once you have their Business Manager ID, navigate to the “Partners” tab under the “Users” section and click on “Add” to share your assets

add Facebook business partner

3. Paste their Business Manager ID and click “Next”

paste the business id

4. You can now assign permissions to different assets - including the Facebook Page and Instagram (if you've added it above)

5. Select your Facebook Page and select the permissions you want to give - in most cases "Everything".

Remember: If you have linked your Facebook page and Instagram account, they will automatically get access to Instagram when you access to the Facebook Page.

Optional: If your agency also needs to manage your Instagram Commerce, also elect Instagram accounts and select all permissions (or specific permissions if you know what you're doing).

3. Once done, don't forget to click on “Save Changes.”

It’s done. 🥳
Your partner will receive an email notification that they now have access.

Why Request Access to Your Client’s Instagram Business Account?

If you’re an agency or freelancer wondering why you should run Instagram ads from your client’s ads account, and not your Instagram account, here are some reasons:

  • To retain pixel data: Using their ad account will ensure they retain all pixel data, which will help you optimize the campaigns’ audiences better.
  • To ensure a separate billing account: Using your client’s advertising account will ensure they get billed for activities done through their account. 
  • To minimize risk: If you manage ad accounts of different businesses, having separate advertising accounts for each client will ensure their data isn’t lost in case yours gets shut down.

Plus, tracking your client’s username and password isn’t smart either when you can house them all in one Business Manager account.

How to Request Access to Instagram Accounts

If your client hasn’t given you access to their Instagram account yet, all you need to do is request access to their Facebook page.

There are two ways to do this:

1. The Manual Way

First, send them your Business Manager ID and ask them to follow the steps above in this article and add you as a Partner. 

Or, from your Facebook Business Manager dashboard do this:

1. Navigate to the “Partners” tab under the “Users” section

Request Instagram a

2. Enter your client’s business details

enter client details

3. Click Instagram accounts and select the permissions you’d require, including the permissions for Facebook Page if you’re managing that too

Note: You only need to request Instagram specific access if you want access to Instagram to manage Instagram Commerce (otherwise just requesting Facebook Page access is enough) 

choosing permissions

4. Review the details, and when everything looks good - hit send

confirm Instagram access reuest

Your access request has been sent. Your client will receive an email, and you'll be granted access when they approve your request. 

After they approve your request, you’ll see their Instagram account on your Business Manager. 

2. The Leadsie (read easy) Way

Facebook makes granting and requesting access to Instagram complicated and time-consuming. 

You have to ensure your Business Manager is connected to your client’s Business Manager, know your client’s Business Manager ID to request access and wait for approval. Then, you must add yourself as a partner to manage their account—so many steps! 

With Leadsie you can request access to your clients’ Instagram & Facebook pages in seconds. And once you receive access, you’ll be assigned automatically and and you can start working.

Share your Leadsie link with your client; they will grant access, and you have it. Here’s a quick demo of how Leadsie works:

Leadsie does all the work of adding you as a user in the backend, so your client doesn't have to! 

Have You Received Partner Access But Can’t See Instagram In Business Manager?

If you got notified by your Business Manager that you received access to your client’s Facebook assets but can’t see their Instagram account (or the Facebook Page, as they are connected) on Business Suite - don’t fret. 

You always need to assign yourself (and your team) to the asset, in this case the Facebook Page, in order to perform any of the different tasks, like posting on Instagram or running ads.

Leadsie assigns you and your team automatically to these assets, so you don’t need to worry about this step. Sign up for your free trial to Leadsie here.

Here’s How to Assign Yourself Manually

Choose your client’s Facebook page under “Pages” in your Business Manager and click “Add People

add people to Instagram account

Now choose yourself from the people’s column, assign permissions, and click “Assign

assign yourself

Now, choose yourself and assign assets. Once done, click on “Assign

After you’ve assigned yourself, you can create content for your client’s Instagram account, run ads, create and schedule posts and reels - using Business Suite. You don't even need direct access to your client's Instagram account because you can manage everything through the Meta Business Suite.

The only instance you would need full manage access for Instagram is if you are going to run Instagram shopping for someone.

What’s the Easiest Way to Request Instagram Access?

To get access to an Instagram account, the Instagram account needs to be linked with the relevant Facebook Page. Then all your client needs to do is share access to that Facebook Page.

If all that sounds like too many steps, and endless back and forth, you can use Leadsie to get it all done smoothly in as little time as possible, just like this:

how to use Leadsie

Get started using Leadsie today by entering your email in the box below. We'll give you a 14-day free trial because we're nice like that (and we know you'll love us!). 

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