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The Hassle-Free Way to Give & Get Access to Google Analytics 

Updated 2022: Want to grant access to a Google Analytics account? Or are you trying to request access? There’s an even easier way than via your account admin page...

Sarah Wisbey
February 7, 2022
4 min. read
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‍Why Should You Use Google Analytics?‍
Why Do You Need to Give Access to Google Analytics?‍
‍How Do You Give Someone Access to Your Google Analytics via Your Google Analytics Dashboard?‍
How Do You Request Access to Google Analytics? 
How to Give Access to Your Agency or Partners With Leadsie

Most online businesses use Google Analytics to track their website’s performance and gain insights about their users. If you aren’t using Google Analytics yet, set up an account already! 

More than one person in your business will likely need access to your Google Analytics account. But how do you grant access to Google Analytics for your team members, partners, or agency? 

We’ll break it down for you here, along with a quick hack (hint: Leadsie) that makes it easier than ever to give your partners access to your Google Analytics account. 

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Why Should You Use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics gives you a ton of insights into your website performance. You can use GA to track user behaviour and gain detailed insights about your customers. You can use the data GA provides you to improve your marketing campaigns, increase your website traffic and reduce your site’s bounce rate. 

It’s free and easy to use and is one of the best ways to find out more about who is interacting with your business online. 

Why Do You Need to Give Access to Google Analytics?

Are you outsourcing your analytics work to an agency or have an in-house employee who needs the data for reporting and deep analysis? You’ll need to give them access to your Google Analytics account. 

With access to your Analytics account, people can take actions such as linking your Google Ads and Analytics accounts. Integrations like these are useful for gaining better insight into the effectiveness of your ad spending.  

You can grant access manually in your Google Analytics account or via Leadsie. Skip to the end of this article if you want to do it quickly and simply via Leadsie. 

How Do You Give Someone Access to Your Google Analytics via Your Google Analytics Dashboard?

To give someone access to your analytics account, you need to be an admin of the Google Analytics account. 

Here’s how to do it: 

1. Login to your Google Analytics account

2. Click on Admin in the bottom left-hand corner

3. Click on Access Management for the type of access you want to give. 

This will be either:
i) Account Access Management which means someone can access, add or delete all the websites connected to your analytics. 

ii) Property Access Management (the one you’ll most likely use for your agency or partner) which means the person can set up integrations and tracking

iii)  View Access Management is great for giving internal access 

4. Click on the Blue + in the top right corner and select Add Users

5. Enter the email address of the user you want to add. You can then select the permissions you want to give that user. They can be an admin, editor, analyst or viewer. 

The person you want to give access to will receive an email with a link they can click on. They should have immediate access to the permissions you granted them. 

How Do You Request Access to Google Analytics? 

There isn’t a way to request access to manage your clients’ Google Analytics accounts from Google Analytics directly.

If your clients send you a report or data, you can click on ‘Request Access’ via the email you receive. They can grant you access to view that data, but you still won’t have full access to the Google Analytics dashboard. Your client needs to figure out how to give you access, which email address is linked to your account, which accounts and which permissions to give you access to. This wastes a bunch of time with onboarding a new client. 

Leadsie solves this dilemma. Your client clicks on your Leadsie link, logs in with their Google account and you get the access you require to manage their account. 

Not only that, but you can also request access to Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google My Business and Facebook assets, all with the same link.

Your onboarding process never looked so smooth!

How to Give Access to Your Agency or Partners With Leadsie

Are you looking to share instant access to your Google Analytics Account with an agency or partner?

The easiest way is through Leadsie. With Leadsie, sharing access to your GA takes just a few clicks without the need to navigate through Google Analytics directly. You can even do it from your mobile device:

If you’d like to grant access through Leadsie, just let your agency or partner know. They can create an account in 1min under and get an unlimited, free 14d trial. 🙌

Are you an agency or freelancer yourself? Just scroll below to sign up 🤘

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Sarah Wisbey

Sarah gets most excited when writing about growth and learning by doing. She loves that her writing helps start-ups grow. When she’s not caught up in the thrill of content writing, you’ll find her surfing in the Atlantic ocean and running her own yoga retreats.


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