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“We waited way too long to use Leadsie!" Here's Why

Want to find out how our customer Milia Marketing transformed their onboarding process thanks to Leadsie and wish they'd started using the tool sooner? If you're on the fence about whether Leadsie is worth it, check out this case study on getting ROI after onboarding just one client. 💸

Sarah Wisbey
May 8, 2024
2 min. read
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More about Milia Marketing
What was onboarding like before Leadsie? ✅
The bottleneck 🤯
The knight in shining armor 🦸‍♂️
Reclaiming lost time ⏱️
ROI when you onboard just ONE client 💸

Chatting with our customers is one of our favorite parts of the job, not only because hearing your feedback gives us a little glowing feeling, it also helps us understand how we can make Leadsie EVEN better.

We caught up with Anthony, the Owner of award-winning US-based agency Milia Marketing, to learn more about how using Leadsie has transformed their client onboarding.  

More about Milia Marketing

Like many agencies that use Leadsie, Milia Marketing has mastered its niche and is the USA's leading marketing firm in the countertop, kitchen, and bathroom space. 

Serving clients with multiple stores around the United States, the agency has spent the last eight years scoring impressive results for its clients. 

They offer the full package of digital services, from all digital ads to SEO, email marketing, web development, and graphic design. 

What was onboarding like before Leadsie? ✅

Milia Marketing runs a very system and process-driven operation, so they considered their onboarding procedure pretty solid (maybe why it took so long to start using Leadsie!?).

The typical onboarding process for new clients looked like this:  

  • Seal the deal
  • Sign the proposal
  • Send an email to welcome the new partner on board 
  • Provide steps to fill out questionnaires in this email 
  • Once the questionnaire was complete, they would send a second email requesting access to their different accounts

Seems like a pretty straightforward process, but alas, there was a problem…

The bottleneck 🤯

The agency access request email was for the accounts that Milia Marketing knew the client had already created and needed access to for work to start. 

BUT, a lot of the clients didn’t know if they actually had created these accounts or who had admin rights and access to them. 

Anthony told me that when they looked at the bottleneck of their onboarding process, it was clear that getting access was taking way too much time. 

“What should have taken under a week took more than a month or longer because clients were chasing former employees asking who had access and who didn’t.”

The biggest challenge with this seemingly straightforward onboarding process was the wasted time. Not just billable time for the agency but ALSO the client’s time. 

Many of the new partners didn’t know which accounts they did or didn’t have, had never heard of things like Google Tag Manager, and didn’t know how to set up the account. This caused a big headache for everyone involved.

The knight in shining armor 🦸‍♂️

“I wish I had adopted Leadsie when I started the agency 8 years ago.“

Ok, we may be biased in calling Leadsie the hero…but Anthony confirms that using Leadsie makes the onboarding process more convenient not only for them as an agency but also for all their partners. 

Sending one link to request access or set up an account instead of a long questionnaire email has accelerated the onboarding experience for everyone. It also saves everyone a huge headache and a ton of frustration.    

“Clients now say how easy it is with Leadsie and ask why everyone is not using it!”

Reclaiming lost time ⏱️

Now that Milia Marketing uses Leadsie, they have cut the time it takes to onboard new clients at least in half. 

Anthony told me:

“I can’t believe we waited so long to adopt something like this because our onboarding experience would have been cut in half.” 

This means they can stop wasting time chasing clients for information and get started on what they’re best at…getting results. 

ROI when you onboard just ONE client 💸

When you onboard dozens of new clients a year, the time it takes to get access to their accounts adds up to days, if not weeks. 

“Adopting a platform like Leadsie for the affordable price that it is, you get your ROI back within one client because of the amount of time it saves you over the course of the year.” 

With a 14-day free trial, you can see for yourself just how smooth the process of onboarding new clients with Leadsie is. 

Thanks, Anthony, for sharing your experience with Leadsie. We wish you many more quick connections to client accounts in the future! 

If you want to check out Milia Marketing’s awesome work, you can find them at

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