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Onboarding doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck: How ChiroCandy is saving over 7 hours per month with Leadsie

ChiroCandy helps chiropractors to find clients, but how have they solved the painful onboarding process? We had a little catch-up with their Executive Director Brady about his agency’s niche mission and the impact Leadsie has had on their business.

Johannes Radig
July 29, 2022
4 min. read
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ChiroCandy’s early days
The pain of onboarding before Leadsie
How Leadsie has cut onboarding time in half, saving them 15 hours every month

ChiroCandy’s early days

After years working in a chiropractor’s office, Brady’s dad Billy decided he wanted to focus on helping chiropractors get clients. Hear Brady tell the story in his own words...

Billy started ChiroCandy as a podcast in the 2010s; he wanted to share ‘nuggets of candy’ with chiropractors. The goal was to help chiropractors learn everything they needed to know about the profession and how to find new clients.

This was in the days long before the Facebook ad boom, and Billy saw the podcast as the best way to reach his audience, which was way ahead of its time in itself!

One day a colleague asked him if he had thought about running Facebook ads so they tried it out, it was a success, and everything spiralled from there. ChiroCandy became a marketing agency with a distinct niche and mission.

Now ChiroCandy is one of the largest chiropractic marketing agencies in the US with nearly 300 clients.

Billy started his agency with a big mission behind his work:

“We want to be the number one reason people have been to a chiropractor.”

And they are well on their well to achieve this: Last month, over 100,000 people went to a chiropractor because of their services. Wow! 🤯

Billy and his team's goal is to show the world that chiropractors are so much more than back problem help: that the body can heal itself, and there are natural remedies to consider before going down the medication route.

Every new client they get for a chiropractor is helping a person avoid back surgery or having to take highly addictive opioids.

You will never meet someone more passionate about their profession than chiropractors! This passion resonated with the ChiroCandy crew and makes it all the more meaningful to help them grow their businesses.

ChiroCandy doesn’t just send their clients leads and new patients, but also helps them create content to educate potential clients about the role of the chiropractor. The chiropractors can use these videos to warm up the audience and get their message out there.

The pain of onboarding before Leadsie

Not many chiropractors are super technologically literate which could make client onboarding a lengthy process.

The original method for onboarding new clients was with Loom videos that walked them through the process step by step. Frustratingly, that only worked around 30% of the time.

Brady’s team would still have to get on a Zoom call, share the screen, explain the Business Manager and other technicalities. Some clients didn’t even have a Business Manager so the team would have to sit and walk through the Business Manager set up too!

(Pro tip: did you know clients can set up a Business Manager using Leadsie too?!)

ChiroCandy changed the process to an onboarding call, but it was still time-consuming to gain access to client assets. With 20-30 new clients each month, the time spent onboarding with Zoom calls was adding up.

How Leadsie has cut onboarding time in half, saving them 15 hours every month

ChiroCandy even had clients threaten not to work with them because it was so complicated to get onboarded. That wasn’t the agency’s fault obviously, they didn’t have Leadsie yet!

Since the Facebook iOS14 updates, the agency has needed to make sure clients have their own business account and also require access to the pixel, ads account and page. This was adding extra steps and complications to the process.

When they first started using Leadsie; they needed ad account and page access but now pixel access is also required. Thankfully Leadsie came at the right time, as even more clients may have bailed due to the added complications of onboarding.

Leadsie has made things super smooth for the agency and they love it because it’s super easy. Team members say that whenever they use Leadsie, it has cut their onboarding time in half;  they don’t need to go into the Business Manager account and get access individually.

Clients are happy too; to have one button they click to grant access. Clients have compared ChiroCandy with other marketing agencies where they had to sit through an hour zoom call.

Thanks to Leadsie, onboarding only takes 2 minutes. Brady said about Leadsie:

“The value that you guys provide is 10X of what you charge.”

Brady reckons ChiroCandy saves over 7 hours in onboarding calls - EVERY month!

Here's Brady making the math...

Thanks Brady, we’re happy Leadsie is helping you save time with onboarding and giving you more time to work on what’s important - getting patients through the chiropractors’ doors.

We’ll keep helping you with your onboarding pain so you can stay focused on helping people with their back pain. 😉

If you’re a chiropractor looking to get more clients or simply curious about the awesome content ChiroCandy has to offer, check them out here!

Do you want to simplify your client onboarding as well and save yourself *and* your clients hassle? Pop in your email below and get a free 14-day trial.

Lastly, Brady's advice for agency owners...

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Johannes Radig

A self-confessed marketing geek with a fetish for spreadsheets, Johannes is in his element when solving problems and building systems for solutions. When he’s not working on Leadsie, you’ll find him sharing his expertise with other startups as a mentor for 500 Global. In his spare time, he enjoys flinging a ball around a tennis court and cycling up daunting-looking mountains.