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The Hack Skytale Digital Uses to Run Client Ads Quicker

“Restaurants aren’t just restaurants anymore. They’re marketing companies that sell food.” In an age of Covid closures and an ever toughening restaurant market, getting your marketing message right is the difference between thriving or dying. 🍝

Sarah Wisbey
May 8, 2024
4 min. read
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Why focus on marketing for restaurants?
How does Skytale find new clients? 
Why is onboarding new clients so crucial? 
The sticking point
How to continue saving time

Luke from Skytale Digital accelerates the growth of thousands of restaurants worldwide. How? With targeted marketing campaigns and trackable metrics. 

The first touch point with those clients had been causing a headache for years. Lengthy onboarding processes were wasting time and resources. Then Luke remembered an ad he’d seen for a little tool called Leadsie. 

We caught up with Luke to understand how Leadsie solved his onboarding pain points. 

Why focus on marketing for restaurants?

Restaurants are an essential part of society; they are a place of human connection, a place to gather for important moments in our lives. We all have great memories we’ve created at a restaurant.  

Restaurants need help! The margins in the industry are low, so volume is important. How do they increase the volume of customers? With more effective and targeted advertising.

Most restaurants have the potential to grow but need help with creating a strategy. Luke told us that his industry experience gave him insight into the exact help restaurants need. 

Many restaurateurs don’t have the time or expertise to do the most important things in their business. Marketing is something they often overlook. They have no idea if the money they’re investing is getting them a return. 

From understanding these struggles, Luke and his partner created an agency - Skytale Digital. The agency does the work for the restaurants rather than selling them a tool they wouldn't use.  

The agency has generated millions of dollars in revenue for its clients over the last four years.  

Learn more about their epic results in their exclusive documentary (if you’re a restaurant owner, this may just change your life!) 

How does Skytale find new clients? 

Luke told us that their track record says it for itself. The tactics used by Skytale generated so much revenue for previous clients that they have dozens of glowing testimonials.

When it comes to getting new eyeballs on what they’re doing, Luke told us: 

‘We follow the same strategies as we preach to our clients’ 

Most of their new clients come to them through paid ads. 

Why is onboarding new clients so crucial? 

The onboarding process needs to be as smooth as possible to build trust with the client and demonstrate professionalism. 

Luke says the first step for a potential client is to book a strategy call. It’s purely to figure out if Skytale can help them. This initial call is valuable because it ensures nobody’s time will get wasted (as people in the time-saving business, we love this!). 

The team figures out what the client tried in the past, if they’re spending money and how they’re tracking it. After this call, they decide if there’s a fit.

The sticking point

Once the team decides they want to work with a new client, they come across a huge pain point: Getting access to Facebook and Instagram!! 🤯 

“Before Leadsie, we sent online forms for people to fill out their personal login info. They didn’t know how to give us the access we needed.”

Getting access to the right assets isn’t easy!  

There’s a lot to figure out when granting access to advertising assets. Many restaurant owners aren’t Facebook Business Manager pros; they’re chefs, operations experts, or people managers. Giving the proper ads access isn’t intuitive to them. 

Two-factor authentication was a nightmare, the client was usually busy, and it took forever to get access. 

“The main problem we were having before Leadsie was time-wasting. And time is money.” 

How to continue saving time 

The smoother the onboarding process, the better the client retention rate. With Leadsie, Skytale can give clients access with just a couple of clicks. 

Luke told us that Instead of spending an hour explaining what a client needs to do to give social media access, they click the link and we’re in. 

“It’s helped us streamline our onboarding which helps us retain clients and get their ongoing billing started.” 

Skytale’s onboarding team often gets feedback about how easy the process is now they use Leadsie. Happy clients mean fewer headaches for the team! 

“Leadsie is like an employee for us!” Instead of hiring someone to do the technical setup, we use Leadsie! 

Thanks for chatting with us, Luke; we’re happy you save so much time each month with Leadsie! 

Check out Skytale Digital’s work here.

And if you want to save time and onboarding headaches, too, give Leadsie a try! You can get 14 days for free by entering your email below

PS. We asked Luke if there's anything else that he wanted to say 😏

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