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How to Regain Lost Access to Facebook Business Pages

Losing access to your Facebook page & Meta Business Manager can be one of the most frustrating problems to solve, whether you’re a business owner or an agency that needs access to your client’s Facebook account. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to get back access to your Pages and Business Manager. Our proven process helped us regain access to hundreds of pages. It works! ✨

Johannes Radig
May 6, 2024
3 mins
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Common reasons why people lose access to a Facebook Page
Can you regain access to a Facebook Business Page & Business Manager?
1. Identify the Page Owner & try to contact them
2. Use the “Give Feedback On This Business” Functionality
3. Submit an Admin Dispute Request
4. Contact Facebook - here’s the exact information to use to regain lost access
Was someone who manages your Facebook page hacked?

If you've lost access to your Facebook Business Page or Business Manager, you can't share or schedule content or ads on your Facebook or Instagram accounts. Not having access to your business' social media can be detrimental for your reputation and in turn, your sales.

Following the steps below, you can get your page, ads and more up and running again in no time.

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Common reasons why people lose access to a Facebook Page

There are a number of reasons you may lose access to your business page & business manager - don’t worry, you’re not alone:

  • Another employee set it up and has since left the company
  • An agency set it up for you
  • You set it up with an old Facebook account that you don’t have access to anymore or that was disabled by Facebook
  • A bad actor (not George Clooney as Batman - you were hacked) took over your account and won’t give you access back

Can you regain access to a Facebook Business Page & Business Manager? 

The good news is: Yes, you can. After working on getting access back to hundreds of pages, we’ve nailed down the process you need to follow to get your access back as quickly as possible.

In most cases, you will have to contact Facebook and get in touch with their support. In that case, it is important that you know exactly what you will have to provide to them - and we’ve got the exact template for you below.

However, in some instances, you may be able to get access back without having to contact Facebook support, so let’s start with this.

1. Identify the page owner & try to contact them

Depending on whether your page is on the “Classic Page” version or the New Page Experience, there are different ways to see who currently owns your page.

  1. Classic Pages: Go to your Facebook Page, select “Settings” and go to “Page Roles”.  Specifically, check the “Page Owner” section.
Facebook page settings


  1. New Page Experience: Go to your Facebook Page, then select “Settings”, then “New Page Experience”. You should automatically be on the page “Page Access”. In most cases, this link should get you there too.
new pages experience

If there is a business listed as the “Page Owner” or the “Owning Business Account” - do you recognise the business? If so, contact them if you can. 

If you recognise any of the names of the people who are listed as admins or owners, try the same. They will be able to grant access to you as admins via their page settings or their Business Managers. It’s worth a try before going down the rabbit hole of Facebook Support!

2. Use the “Give Feedback On This Business” functionality

If you don’t recognise the business that currently owns your Facebook Page, you may be able to give Feedback to Facebook “Not able to recognise the Owner business? If the Page is owned by a Business Account that is not actively managed, then Facebook might show a Feedback button next to it.

Do you see the button “Give Feedback On This Business” as shown below?

Facebook page owner

If you do, click the button and you’ll see this popup:

report admin

Choose the option that is most suitable. For example, if you don’t know the person or company that owns your page, choose “Unauthorised access”. Otherwise, you may also choose “Something else”. When you click “Next”, nothing will happen directly. However, Facebook Support will contact you for further information - it typically takes less than 24 hours.

3. Submit an "admin dispute request"

When you’re on your Page Settings / Page Role page (as described in Step 1), and you see this message about pending partner request below, you can submit an Admin Dispute Request directly.

admin dispute request

This is basically a shortcut to get straight into the right Facebook support issue in the next step.

Follow the steps from #ii below to know exactly what information to submit to resolve your Business Admin Dispute and get your access back!

4. Contact Facebook - here’s the exact information to use to regain lost access

If the options above aren’t working for you, here’s the exact process to follow and the  information you need to submit to regain your Facebook page access. 

i) Raise a ticket with Facebook Support 

Go to Facebook Support here and select your page or the Business that you’re trying to regain access to, or if you’re not able to select them, select any asset.

Facebook support

I have lost access to my Business Manager, NAME: ACME Inc., Id: 123456789

An old employee set it up and we no longer have contact with them

ii) You will need to submit a PDF with the following information for a  Business Manager Admin Dispute.

  • The Facebook Page URL you are requesting access to and/or Facebook Business Manager Name and ID.
  • A copy of a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a current driver's license or a passport, of the individual signing the statement. See the different kinds of IDs Facebook accepts in the Help Center Article; What types of ID does Facebook accept?
  • The Facebook email address and profile URL associated with the Facebook account that you wish to have added as the new admin
  • A description of requestor relationship to the Business (and authority to request access to the Business, as applicable);
  • An explanation of your request, and whether there has been a termination of the employment and/or business relationship with the named person(s)/Business, as applicable;
  • The past three invoices/billing statements on the ad account(s) that the Business owns AND the last 4 digits of the credit card(s) on the account(s);
  • If the Business Manager does not have any ad account, please declare such information in the statement.
  • A declaration that the information you have provided is true and accurate (e.g. "I certify that the information provided is true and accurate") - your statement must include similar language in order to be considered compliant, and must be signed by hand.
  • Proper Business documents must also be provided to confirm the requester’s connection to the Business.

iii). Within 24 hours you should have a (hopefully positive) response (we have found it takes less than this quite often - normally approximately 12 hours).

iv) Once you have access, you will need to assign yourself access to any assets you might want access to (e.g. pages/ad accounts)

Was someone who manages your Facebook page hacked?

If one of your admins was hacked, you can report it to Facebook via this link

how to get access to a hacked Facebook page

Can't get it solved and looking for professional help to regain your access? Click the button below, fill out the form and get help from our trusted partner (ex-Meta employees!)

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