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How to Create Meta (Facebook) Business Manager & Set Up a Facebook Ad Account in 2023

Meta/Facebook Business Manager is confusing! We've outlined the easiest way to set up your business account, link it to your page, and set up an ad account. Follow these steps and you'll be advertising in no time. 📲

Sarah Wisbey
March 13, 2023
3 min. read
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What is Meta/Facebook Business Manager?
Is Meta Business Manager the same as Meta Business Suite?
What is a Facebook Ad Account? 
Why do you need a Facebook Ad Account? 
Who needs access to your Facebook Ad Account?
1. How to set up a Facebook Business Account
2. How to link your Facebook Business Page to your Business Account
3. How to create a Facebook Ad Account 
Is there an easier way to set up Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ad Accounts? 

Want to get more traffic to your website, reach your target audience and gain new users? If so, social media ads need to be part of your marketing strategy. Understanding how to start using social media ads can be confusing and frustrating! That’s before we even begin explaining the process of giving other people access to manage your social media marketing ad accounts.  

This article teaches you how to set up a Meta (Facebook) Business Manager and Facebook Ads Account in a simple step-by-step way. You’ll need the former to start the latter.

Want to create Facebook ads? Keep reading, and we’ll show you all you need to know. 

Want to use an even easier solution to set up Meta Business Manager and create Facebook Ad Accounts, perhaps to make it super easy for your clients? Check out Leadsie 😏 

Not only does Leadsie make it super easy to grant access, it also allows you (or your clients if you’re an agency) to create a Facebook/Meta Business Manager, Catalogs, Pixels and more. Leadsie helps you do everything we cover in this article in a few clicks: 

What is Meta/Facebook Business Manager?

With Meta Business Manager, you can access all the tools to manage Facebook marketing for your business in one place. You can manage your ads, create and schedule posts and respond to customer's direct messages. To dispel any confusion, Meta Business Manager is the new name for what used to be called Facebook Business Manager. We'll continue to refer to it as Facebook Business Manager in this post because, let's be honest, who actually says Meta when referring to anything Facebook related?!

Is Meta Business Manager the same as Meta Business Suite?

No. Meta Business Suite is a different layer to Business Manager that combines different tools. In some areas, like scheduling content for Facebook and Instagram, Business Suite offers more functionality than Business Manager. In other areas, Business Suite lacks functionality for actions such as managing assets like your ad account, pixels and others. Business Suite also makes it harder to share manage access with your team mates or agencies.

What is a Facebook Ad Account? 

A Facebook Ad account is the place on Facebook where you create new campaigns, manage your pixel, who your ads are shown to, track your payments, billing, and the amount you spend on each promotion. You can upload your ad creative and copy directly into Facebook Ads manager, set a budget, and define the audience. It’s a one-stop place for all things advertising on Facebook and Instagram. 

Why do you need a Facebook Ad Account? 

If you want to run advertisements and reach new audiences for your business on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll need a Facebook Ads account. It’s impossible to run sponsored ads without a Facebook Ad account. Using Facebook and Instagram ads, you can build brand awareness, get more people into your sales funnel, grow your email list, boost your web traffic, and make more sales. 

You can only run Instagram advertisements through your Facebook Ad account as the two platforms are connected via Facebook Business Manager. Instagram doesn’t have its own independent advertising platform. 

To run ads on Instagram, you’ll need to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts in the Facebook Business Manager. Here’s our full guide on connecting your Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

Who needs access to your Facebook Ad Account?

Do you use a social media agency or freelancer to run your ads? If someone else runs ads for you on social media, they’ll need access to your ad account.

You can add people and grant permissions for your Facebook Ad account via the Facebook Business Manager or using a tool like Leadsie that simplifies the process. 

Before you create a Facebook Ad account and run Facebook ad campaigns, you’ll need a Facebook Business account. 

You can create your business account using Facebook’s Business Manager. 

1. How to set up Meta/Facebook Business Account

1. Head to Facebook Business Manager:

2. Login with your personal Facebook account details (if you don’t have a Facebook account, you’ll need to create one, it is not possible to create a business account without a personal Facebook account

Set up Facebook ad account

3. Click + Create a business account on the left hand side when you sign in

N.b if you don’t have the option to sign in and create a business account, instead you’ll see this screen when you arrive on the Facebook Business homepage. Fill out your business details: 

Create a Facebook business account

4. Enter the name of your business in the box (it’s important you write the correct account name as it’s the name that will show up across Facebook and you’ll need to verify it) 

5. Enter your contact info 

Enter business info

6. Click Create

7. Check your email, you should receive a message from that asks you to confirm your business email address: 

Confirm business email

8. Click Confirm now

9.  Enter the email addresses of people you want to add to your business account and select the permissions you want to give them - either employee or business admin access

Add people to Facebook business account

10. Your collaborator will get an invitation email which they need to confirm 

Facebook access confirmation

Now you have a Facebook Business account, you need to link it to your Business Page. 

2. How to link your Facebook Business Page to your Business Account

1. Click on your account Settings in your Business Manager 

Meta business suite

2. Click Business assets then Pages 

Facebook business assets

3. Click Add assets 

4. Click Facebook page, you’ll get a pop-up with 3 options: 

Settings Facebook business

IMPORTANT:  If you don’t have a Business Facebook Page, you’ll need to create one. Otherwise, you can type in the name of your page and click Confirm

Now you have a Facebook Business Account linked to your Business page, it’s time to get advertising by creating your Facebook Ads account! 

3. How to create a Facebook Ad Account 

1. Open your Facebook Business Manager account at

2  Click Settings on the left hand side

Create Facebook ad account

3. Click More business settings 

More business settings

4. Click Ad accounts on the left

Ad accounts

5. Select Add in the middle of the screen, you’ll see 3 options in the drop-down menu box: 

Business ad account settings

6. Create your new account by selecting Create a new ad account

7. Fill out the required info including the name of your account, time zone and currency:

Create new ad account

8. Select the business you will use the ad account for 

Add users to Facebook ad account

9. Click Create

10. Select the people (you’ll see a list of those you gave access to when you set up the business page) & which permissions you want to grant them:

Set permissions

11. Click Assign

12. Click Add payment method  

Facebook ad account payment method

13. Enter your credit card details & hit save (you can always change your payment method in payment settings at a later date) 

Congrats, you’re ready to start with Facebook advertising and launch your first ad! 

Now you have a Facebook Ads Account, you’ll be able to: 

  • Create ad sets and campaign objectives
  • Set daily budgets
  • Optimize your ad spend
  • Select your target demographics 
  • Manage ad account roles 
  • Create custom audiences 
  • Track your metrics and ad performance 
Facebook ad account creation

Is there an easier way to set up Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ad Accounts? 


We’ve made it super easy to set up your Business Manager and create a Facebook Ad Account without going through the whole process listed above. 

You can set up Business Manager and create your ad account right in Leadsie, here’s how it works: 

Do you run ads for clients who don't have a Business Manager or Ad Account set up yet? Request asset access via Leadsie and they can get set up in a few clicks. You'll be running their ads in no time!

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