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The 2023 Step-By-Step Guide For Linking Your Instagram and Facebook Page

Learn the easy way to link your Instagram and Facebook accounts hassle-free to cross post, run Instagram ads via Facebook and share access without sharing your login details.

Sarah Wisbey
January 11, 2022
10 min. read
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What Are the Benefits of Linking Facebook with Instagram?
How Do I Link Instagram With Facebook From My Facebook Page?
1) Linking Instagram directly from your Facebook page
2) Linking Instagram through Facebook Business Suite or Business Manager
2.1. Connecting through Facebook Business Suite
2.2. Connecting through Facebook Business Manager
3. How Do I Link Facebook With Instagram From My Instagram Account?
How do I Give Someone Access to Manage My Facebook & Instagram?
Bonus Tip: Use the Facebook Creator Studio to Plan Posts on Instagram AND Facebook

Looking to connect Facebook and Instagram to share access to your Instagram profile or Facebook page?

Before you give out your login details - please don’t - there’s a much better way. Not only that, you can also easily cross-post between Facebook & Instagram and run ads on both platforms.

All it takes is a few settings. We don’t know why Facebook made it so complicated, but our guide makes it easy as pie. 🥧

Prefer a video? No problem, watch our step by step in the video below:

What Are the Benefits of Linking Facebook with Instagram?

There are a bunch of benefits to linking your business’s Instagram and Facebook pages. It makes managing your social media smoother and provides a slicker experience for your customers:

Helps You Build Consistency 

If you manage both pages in the same place, you can ensure your messaging is consistent across the platforms. You can plan posts that sync with each other and ensure that your branding is consistent. 

Connected pages help you build trust amongst your audience and potential customers. If they see you posting similar content on both platforms, they will think of your brand, whichever social platform they are scrolling! You have double the opportunity to get in front of potential customers. 

You Reach a Wider Audience

Not everybody uses both platforms, and the algorithms don’t show your posts to every one of your followers each time you post something. On average, only 35% of your followers will see your posts.

If you share your posts on both Instagram and Facebook, you have more opportunities to increase your social media presence and gain visibility. Someone may miss a post on Instagram but see it when they check their Facebook page. 

Collect Analytics in One Place and Run More Effective Ads

When all the data from both your Facebook and Instagram accounts is in one place (in this case Meta Business Manager), it makes it easier for you to spot trends amongst your customers. 

You have more data to base your ad spending decisions on. This means you can run ads that are more likely to elicit desired audience respones. Woop! You also have better visibility over your budget. 

You can create audiences for your Facebook Ads using data from your Instagram followers and their engagement with your Instagram profile. 

Lastly, running ads on Instagram itself is extremely limited. Only Facebook Ad Manager gives you all the options for audience targeting, conversion and more. Put simply, if you’re not running your ads through Facebook Ad Manager, you’re missing out on a lot of optimization opportunities - costing you loads of money.

It’s Easier to Schedule Posts 

When you link your Instagram and Facebook pages, you can plan and manage your posts from one place. You’ll save time as you don’t have to add content to post on two separate apps. 

Seamless Interactions With Customers

The other advantage of connecting your Instagram page with Facebook is you can manage all the DMs from both platforms in one place. 

The Facebook inbox allows you to use filters and label messages to make it simple to see what needs to be prioritized. It makes it easier for you to set up automated responses. 

Facebook automated response
Automated Responses via Facebook

How To Link Facebook and Instagram From My Facebook Page?

(Looking to connect your FB page from your Instagram App? Just click here to scroll down).

Once you learn how to link Instagram to Facebook, you'll see that connecting your accounts is quick and straightforward. Not doing so can cause some confusion and frustration. There are two ways to connect Instagram to your Facebook page from Facebook. 

You can do it directly through your page from Facebook Business Suite or Facebook Business Manager. 

1) Link Instagram directly from your Facebook page

1. Open Facebook and login to your account

2. Open your page, and on the left menu, where it says ‘Manage Page’, click ‘settings

Select Settings for your Page
Select Settings

3. Click where it says ‘Instagram’ in the bottom left

Select Instagram Settings
Select Instagram

4. A window that says ‘Connect to Instagram’ appears

Click Connect Instagram
Connect Instagram

5. Click on the blue box that says ‘Connect Account’

6. This will take you to a new window where you need to login to Instagram

Log in with the Instagram Account you want to connect
Login with the Instagram Account you want to connect

7. Once your login credentials are accepted, you will be redirected back to Facebook

8. Voila! Your Instagram and Facebook business pages are connected 

2) Linking Instagram through Facebook Business Suite or Business Manager

The other option to connect the accounts is through Facebook Business Suite or Facebook Business Manager.

Whether it’s Business Suite or Business Manager depends which one is active for your Facebook account.

You can check this easily by going to Which one loads?

Facebook Business Manager or Business Suite?

Do you see Facebook Business Manager like on the left? Continue by clicking here.

Do you see Facebook Business Suite like on the right? Continue below.

2.1. Link Instagram and Facebook through Meta Business Suite

To connect Instagram to Facebook via Meta Business Suite: 

1. Start by logging into your Meta Business Suite

2. Make sure the Business that is connected to your page is selected on the left menu

3. Click on ‘Settings’ in the bottom left-hand corner

Find Settings in your Business Suite
Settings, all the way down on the left

4. Then select ‘Business Assets’

Select Business Assets in your Business Suite
Select Business Assets

5. You will be given the option to ‘Add Assets’ 

Select Add Assets in Business Suite
Add Assets

6. Choose ‘Instagram Account’

Select Instagram to add to Business Suite Account
Choose Instagram Account

7. You will be taken to the Instagram login page

8. Login 

9. You will be redirected back to Facebook, where your Instagram account has been added. 🙌

2.2. Link Instagram and Facebook Through Facebook Business Manager

If you are on Facebook Business Manager, the process to connect your Instagram is as follows:

1. Head to Business Settings in FB Business Manager

Go to Business Settings in your Facebook Business Manager
Business Settings in Facebook Business Manager

2. Go to Instagram Accounts on the left column (under Accounts)

Go to Instagram Accounts
Select Instagram Accounts

3. ClickAdd” and login to your Instagram account

Log in to the Instagram account you want to connect

4. Once you've logged in, you're done. However, one bonus tip. If you want to run ads on Instagram, you should also connect your Ad account to this Instagram account.

5. On the same screen, click on “Connected Assets”

connect Facebook and Instagram

6. On the screen, click on “Add Assets”

Select Add Assets in Business Manager

6. Select your Ad Account(s) you want to connect to Instagram and click `´Add´.


That’s done! 🥳

3. How Do I Link Facebook To Instagram From My Instagram Account?

If you prefer to link your Instagram and Facebook accounts directly from Instagram, you need to make sure you use a Business Instagram Profile. 

You can double-check this by: 

1. Tapping the 3 black lines in the top right-hand corner of your app

2. Click on ‘Settings’

3. Click on ‘Account’

4. At the bottom in blue, you will have the option to ‘switch account type’ 

Find Switch Account Type in your Instagram Account
Switch Account

5. If you currently use a personal Instagram account for your business, you can switch to a Business Account. 

You can always revert back to a personal account. The downside of having a business account is that it’s always public, so this does not work for private accounts. 

Now, we want to link your Instagram Business Account to your Facebook page: 

1. Open Instagram and login to your account

2. Click on ‘Edit profile’

Select Edit Profile

3. Where it says ‘Public business information’ click on ‘Page’

Click on Page

4. It will open a window that offers to ‘change or create page’ 

A window to manage the connection will open

5. If you don’t have an existing Facebook page, you can create one; if you do, you can link it by logging into your Facebook account.

If you don't have a connection, connect to Facebook

6. Once you enter your Facebook credentials, you will choose which page (if you manage more than one page) you want to link to that Instagram account

7. You will then be taken back to Instagram, where your page should now be linked. Woo hoo! 

You can double-check the page shows under ‘Public Business Information’ .

If you want to make sure all your Instagram posts will also be shared on your Facebook page go to:

Settings - Account - Sharing to other apps

Sharing to other apps settings

Select Facebook and turn on the toggle to share all Instagram posts automatically to Facebook.

Choose to automatically share to Facebook / Instagram

How do I Give Someone Access to Manage My Facebook & Instagram?

Giving someone access to your Facebook page is complicated if you do it manually, and there are several different ways to do it. 

You can learn more about that in this post.

The easiest way to give someone access is with Leadsie! Ask your agency or freelancer to create a request link via Leadsie.

You click the link, log in to your Facebook account, and confirm the assets you want to give them access to.  

Boom, they can start managing your Facebook, Instagram accounts immediately. 🙌

Bonus Tip: Use the Facebook Creator Studio to Plan Posts on Instagram AND Facebook

Another great benefit of connecting your Facebook page with your Instagram Account is using the Facebook Creator Studio to plan and schedule all posts across the platforms.

Access the Facebook Creator Studio here

Some benefits of using the Creator Studio: 

  • You can manage both Facebook and Instagram inboxes in one place
  • You can also manage comments on your posts from the Creator Studio 
  • You get insights about your posts’ performance on both channels
  • You can plan and schedule posts and stories and view them in a calendar
  • You can create different variations of posts so you can A/B test them
  • You get in-depth analytics of how each post performed 
  • All posts are saved so you have a content library and can edit and reschedule old posts
  • You receive a summary of your estimated earnings 

Setting up Facebook Creator Studio to cross post to Instagram

Of course, Facebook doesn’t make it easy here either!

In order for you (and other people you give access to) to schedule and manage posts across Facebook and Instagram, you may need to connect your Instagram account one more time:

1. Go to this link or hit the Instagram icon at the top of the Creator Studio

2. If it already shows your Instagram account here, you’re good to go!

If you see this screen or the account you’d like to manage does not appear, follow the next steps:

Screenshot of Creator Studio for Instagram

3. Hit “Connect Your Account” and confirm the following screen.

Connect Account to share access to Instagram with FB Page members

Log in with your account.

Screenshot of Instagram Log in Screen

That’s it! You’ll now see a list of all your Instagram posts and the likes / comments.

Once it’s all linked, you only need to create content in the Instagram section of the Creator Studio for your posts to get cross-posted. 

You can find the Instagram section of the Creator Studio by clicking the icon at the top here:

Screenshot of Facebook Creator Studio on the Instagram Tab

If you prefer to manage your content from your mobile, you can download the Creator Studio app. The only downside to this is that you can only manage Facebook content from the app, not Instagram content. Why? Because Facebook’s favorite thing is to make our lives complicated! 

Give Access In Two Clicks

Now you’ve linked your Instagram and Facebook pages, it should make it much easier to manage and track the performance of your organic posts and ads on both platforms. 

If you want to give access to the person managing your social media, get them to sign up to Leadsie and you can grant them access in 2 clicks. It’s as simple as that! 

Get a free 14 day trial by popping in your email below

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