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How to Request Access to Facebook Pages, Ad Accounts and Business Managers in 2022 (without confusing your clients)

Are you an agency or freelancer who manages social posts and Facebook ads for clients? In this article, you'll learn how to request access for your client's Facebook Assets, including their Ad Account, Facebook Page, Pixels, Catalogues and Instagram through Facebook Business Manager by getting added as a partner to your client's Facebook Business Manager.

Johannes Radig
July 29, 2021
6 min. read
Article Content
What Facebook assets can I get access to?
Why getting access as a Partner is the best option
How to Request Access to multiple Assets (Page, Ad Account, Pixel etc.) through Business Manager
How to Request Access to your client’s Facebook Page ONLY
How to Request Access to your client’s Facebook Ad Account ONLY
Get Access to Facebook Assets (Page, Ad Account and more) in just 2-Clicks‍

What can I get access to?

Typically, agencies and freelancers need to request access to their clients’ accounts to:

  • To create and run Facebook and Instagram ads
  • To manage a Facebook Business page and organic posts
  • To manage Facebook and Instagram Stores

In order to perform these tasks, you most probably need access to:

  • Facebook Page - to manage a page and to run ads
  • Facebook Ad Account - to run and manage ads
  • Facebook Pixel - to manage events and create custom conversions
  • Instagram - to run ads on Instagram
  • Product Catalogue - to run product ads and manage Facebook Commerce

Why request access as a Partner?

There are a few different options to get access to your clients' assets. They range from using your clients' login (never do that!), to getting added as a person to your clients' page or ad account. None of these options are great, here are a few reasons:


If you want to build a lasting client relationship based on trust, you have to be transparent with your client. Getting added as a Partner to their Business Manager means that your client remains in control and always has the ability to see what changes you are making.

Some agencies and freelancers are worried that your client might "steal" your secret tactics. Trust me, all the secrets are out. Your client is trusting you because they don't (and can't) do it themselves, not to steal your secret playbook!


Data ownership is quite a minefield you don't want to get too far into.

Your client retains ownership over their assets and data using Business Manager, rather than connecting your own Facebook account. You are also not collecting data in your account and avoid any liability for a GDPR breach.


Business relationships end. Maybe your client decides to take social media in-house or they want to try another agency - or they stop running advertising because of a global pandemic (ugh!).

When the inevitable happens, you don't want to be the holder of all the keys. You want an easy way out, so if the next agency needs access to an account, you are not the one who has to give it to them. We've all been there. Just keep it simple and leave ownership of assets with your client.

Facebook Business Manager allows you to manage all business assets as well as access in one central place. While clients often don't have Facebook Business Manager set up, especially if they don't have an ad account, it is highly advisable for them to set this up in the first place.

If your clients don't have Facebook Business Manager set up, it's explained how to do it here.

With our tool Leadsie, you don't need to worry about this bit 😉 Your client will be walked through the creation of a Facebook Business Manager, their assets will be automatically added and shared with you.

(1) Request Partner Access via Facebook (The Manual Way)

Let’s go through step by step how to request access to your client’s Facebook Business Manager.

Spoiler Alert: We built the tool Leadsie to make the process much easier and save you the headache of getting access. Every time you get a new client or run an audit for a new prospect, you will no longer need to go through the below process.

With our tool, all you need to do is share your private access link with your client. They then log in with their FB account and confirm access. It’s as simple as that! Click here to jump straight to how to do it with Leadsie.

Prefer a video? Here you go!

Step by Step: Request Partner Access to Several Client Assets (Page, Ad Account, Pixel, etc.) through Facebook Business Manager

The disadvantages of this method

  1. You must know your clients Facebook Business Manager ID
  2. Your client must have Facebook Business Manager set up (most clients don’t)
  3. You'll need your contact's name and email address (that should be fine), and they need to confirm your request via that email (more effort!)
  4. You won’t know if you have access until you check your Facebook Business Manager

Let's get to it:

  1. Go to your Business Manager and select the Business Manager account you want to use with your clients
  2. On the left side, select Partners
  3. Click on “Add” and select “Ask a Partner to share their assets”
Select Ask Partner in Business Manager

Next, fill out the information:

Fill our request access details

Then choose the asset types you require access to (page, ad account, pixels, etc.)

Choose Facebook assets you require access to

Your client will now receive an email like this:

Your client now needs to go to Facebook Business Manager, select the assets for each asset type, and confirm. Then you'll have access.

Want to learn how to get access in just 2-Clicks, without having to know your client's business manager ID? Click here 😎.

(2) Request Access to your client’s Facebook Page only

For this way to request access, your client does not need to have Business Manager set up.


  • You must assign a primary Facebook Page to your Business Manager (for identification)
  • Your client must go to Facebook to approve your request (there won’t be any emails)
  • You can only get access to the Facebook Page of your client, no other assets

Here’s how it works:

First, go to your Facebook Business Manager.

On the left menu, under “Accounts”, go to Pages

Go to Pages in Facebook Business Manager

Click on “Add” and select “Request Access to a Page”

Request Access to a Page

If you have not done so, select the primary page for your business.

Select your Primary Business Page

Find your client's page by typing in the name of the page

Type in the name of the Facebook Page

Then, select the necessary access level you require

Select Facebook Page Access You Require

Now, hit “Request Access” and your client will receive a notification within Facebook.

Request Access Request Sent

Now to grant you access, it’s your client’s turn. The admin(s) of the page will see a notification in their Facebook account:

Notification to grant access

They’ll see that you requested access to their Page and need to hit “Accept Request”

Accept Request to grant access to page

And now you're done. Now you can see your client’s page under the pages you have access to.

Before you can use your access, make sure you add yourself by clicking “Add People” as well.

Responsive image

Now you can manage their page and post on it.

Would have been nice to get all of this in 2 clicks, right? Well, with Leadsie, you can 🤩

(3) Request Access to your client’s Facebook Ad Account only

For this method, your client does not need to have Business Manager set up.

The disadvantages are:

  • You need to know your client’s Ad Account ID
  • You must assign a primary Facebook Page to your Business Manager (for identification)
  • Your client must go to Facebook to approve your request (there won’t be any emails)
  • You can only get access to the Facebook Ad Account of your client, no other assets
  • Here’s how it works:

    First, go to your Facebook Business Manager.

    On the left menu, under “Accounts”, go to Ad Accounts , and click on “Add”.

    Select Add an Ad Account

    Type in your client’s Ad Account ID, select the level of access you need hit “confirm”.

    Enter Ad Account ID and select the level of access you need

    Now, your request has been sent and an admin of the Ad Account has to confirm it within Facebook.

    Request Sent

    As soon as the access was granted, it will show as an asset in your Business Manager

    Get Access to Facebook Assets (Page, AdAccount and more) in just 2-Clicks

    Ready for the revolution? 😎

    We don’t know why people need a PhD in Facebook Ads to give you access, but we were fed up with it. So we built a tool that makes requesting and giving access easy as pie 🥧.

    Here's how the whole process works with Leadsie:

    How to Get Access to Facebook Pages and Ad Accounts with Leadsie

    It’s as simple as copying your link and sending it to your client 🤯

    You have 2 links, one for view-only access, one for “manage” access (admin) access. Just share the link that’s suitable with your client.

    Leadsie Access Links

    Only want to request specific assets? No problem, you can also create a custom request and share that with your client.

    Your client simply needs to open your request link in their browser (also works great on mobile), login with their Facebook Account, confirm the assets you requested, and it's done 💥

    Done 🙌

    What our clients are saying? ❤️

    Do you want to simplify your client onboarding as well and save yourself *and* your clients hassle? Pop in your email below and get a free 14-day trial.

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