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How to Request Access to Wix in 2024

Getting access to your client's Wix account can be time-consuming and frustrating if you're not used to the platform. Here's how to request access to Wix quicker than you can say, "give me access!" đź’»

Ekta Swarnkar
January 11, 2024
3 min. read
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Why Request Access to Your Client’s Wix Website
Different Types of Roles & Permissions For Wix
How to Request Wix Access?
Why Give Access to Your Wix Website?
How to Grant Access to Your Wix Website?
Simplify Requesting Access with Leadsie

Picture this: Two hours ago, you found a bug in your client’s Wix website that needs an immediate fix; but you’re still waiting for their response to your message.

Irritating? Yes. But it also affects your performance. 

Growing a Wix site requires maintenance. From SEO to support to content marketing - there are countless things to look after. And your busy clients won’t always be available, but this doesn’t change the fact that you’re now responsible for its growth. 

That’s why having access is crucial to deliver outstanding results with minimum effort from your client.  

This post will show you how to request (or give) access to a Wix site. 


Why Request Access to Your Client’s Wix Website

Let’s look at the specific scenarios that could pose limitations if you don’t have direct access to the site: 

1. Limited customization opportunities 

By not having access, you can’t perform most customization tasks like:

  • Adding new functions (features) 
  • Search engine optimization
  • New tool integration
  • Fixing design errors

This limits your ability to fine-tune many aspects, which affects the overall site performance and user experience. 

2. Inability to provide support

Not having access can prevent you from providing personalized support if you’re hired to cater to the users’ requests.

It would be difficult to understand their problem as you can’t view most of the features - which could result in unsatisfied customers. 

3. Difficulty in troubleshooting

An error is often apparent on the website, but it’s hard to find its source without access to the code. They need immediate fixing as they negatively affect user experience.

As website maintenance requires you to make a million tiny decisions, you can’t go back and forth between requests each time to your client. Getting access will give you more control over the site, so you produce incredible results. 


Different Types of Roles & Permissions For Wix

There are multiple roles and permissions that you could ask your client to add you as on their website: 

1. Admin (Co-owner)

An admin is the co-owner of the website. They have full control, including site settings (bank and account information,) edit rights, inviting new people, customization, etc. 

2. Website Manager

A website manager has the right to manage a website, including editing and publishing content, but not billing and settings.

3. Website Designer

A website designer can edit a site and manage settings and apps. But they aren’t allowed in inboxes, customer info, account details, or other sensitive information.

4. Back Office Manager

A back office manager works in the background. They can work on the dashboard to ensure the settings are correct but can’t edit or customize the website.

5. Billing Manager

A billing manager’s job involves making purchases, managing subscriptions, adding payment methods, and connecting domains. 

6. Domain Manager

A domain manager can connect and manage the domain but cannot make purchases. 

7. Content Manager Editor

A content manager editor is responsible for the content published. They edit, publish, and create content but don’t have other permissions.

8. Payments Admin

A payments admin manages Wix payments, views payment reports, and connects to other third-party payment apps.

9. Financial Manager

A financial manager can manage funds, payments, payouts & settlement reports in Wix Payments. They can also issue refunds and dispute chargebacks.

10. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager can view analytics, control marketing tools, and contacts, and create or edit automation.

11. Customer Relations Manager

A customer relations manager is responsible for customer experience. They manage contacts, forms, tasks, workflows, automation, and inbox but can’t export contacts.

12. Blog editor

A blog editor has full rights to the blog.

13. Blog Writer

A blog writer can only write or publish new posts; they can’t alter categories or tags.

14. Guest Writer

A guest writer can only write posts but can’t publish them.

15. Create a Custom Role

Wix also allows the site owner to create a custom role to assign multiple roles to a person to suit their needs.

create new role Wix


How to Request Wix Access?

To request access to Wix, you need a Wix Partners Program account - perfect for freelancers/agencies because it gives you professional tools, training, and other exclusive benefits. 

Once you have signed up, navigate to the “Partner Dashboard.” 

how to request Wix access

On your Partner Dashboard sidebar, go to Contacts.

Contacts in Wix

If your client is already on the list, skip this step; if not, click on the “Create Contact” button. 

Create contact Wix

Enter your client details and save.

Create a new contact in Wix

Now hover over your client name and click “View” to land on their profile. Then, click “More Actions” and “Request Site Access.”

Wix access

Now, describe your roles on your client’s site, choose a role, review, and click “Send Request.”

request site access Wix

That’s it. Your client will be notified via email. You can also let them know about your request. Once they confirm, you can start working on their site. 

But what if you’re the site owner, and your freelancer hasn’t requested access yet? How to do it? And, more importantly, why should you grant it?


Why Give Access to Your Wix Website?

Granting access to your Wix site guarantees you don’t have to share sensitive information, like passwords, with them. But it also helps in many ways:

  • To take work off your plate
  • To add a fresh perspective and creativity
  • To ensure a professional grows your website 

The list can touch the sky, but you got the point. An extra hand will help you improve your site performance. 

However, the key is establishing clear communication, user roles, permissions, and contracts to avoid conflicts. 


How to Grant Access to Your Wix Website?

First, decide the tasks you’ll be outsourcing and choose a user role. Then, navigate to your Wix dashboard home. 

Click on the Settings icon and choose “Add Collaborators” from the dropdown menu.

grant access to Wix

Enter their email address, assign their role, and click “Send invite.” 

add collaborators on Wix

Your job is done. They’ll be notified via email, and when they accept the invite, they can work on your site.  


Simplify Requesting Access to Marketing Assets With Leadsie

Requesting and granting access to a Wix site is time-consuming and involves multiple steps. Plus, you’ll still have to ensure proper communication all the time. Same goes for other marketing assets like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Google accounts.

Leadsie makes it easy to get access to your clients' marketing accounts with just a few clicks.

You send your client a Leadsie link, they securely log in to their account, choose which permissions to grant, and you have it! It's that simple. You can even do it on a mobile device!

Sign up for a 14-day free trial today and see how Leadsie simplifies your life. 

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