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How to Give and Get Access to Bing Ads in 2024 (Microsoft Advertising)

Take the headache out of getting access to your clients' Bing Ads with this simple how-to guide. 🔐

Dov Rawson
January 11, 2024
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Why Give Access to a Microsoft Ads Account? 
The (Four) Different User Roles in Microsoft Advertising 
Inviting Users to Access Your Microsoft Ads Account 
How to Get Access to a Client’s Microsoft Ads Account
How to Give an Agency Access to Your Microsoft Ads Account
Final Thoughts

Although Google Ads dominate the search engine market, Microsoft’s online advertising platform comes in a close second with an older user demographic that boasts a higher income.

Bing Ads was rebranded to Microsoft Advertising in 2019, and Microsoft is currently attempting to double the size of its ad business revenue from $10 billion a year to $20 billion

If you’re managing Microsoft Ads campaigns for clients, you’ll need to know how to get access to their accounts.

Keep reading and we’ll guide you through the process, clearing up any confusion about how a Microsoft Ads account (formerly Bing Ads account) works for you and your clients.

Why Give Access to a Microsoft Ads Account? 

Microsoft ads will appear on Bing, AOL, and Yahoo-owned and operated sites. Many businesses are too busy to learn how to set up and manage all their ad campaigns, so they’ll often call upon the services of a marketing agency to optimize their work processes. 

You can save plenty of time when experts are given the authority to create, edit and track conversion rates and other metrics.

By outsourcing their advertising campaigns, the client will still have access to view and edit their campaigns. Meanwhile, the agency can carry out all the campaign management tasks such as setting budgets and bid strategy, creating ads, conversion tracking and updating keyword bids.

Businesses unfamiliar with Microsoft’s pay-per-click (PPC ads) system will benefit from investing in experts in the field. While some prefer using innovative tools to improve their workflow, others prefer to use marketing agencies to save time, money, and frustration while maximizing results.

The (Four) Different User Roles in Microsoft Advertising 

After signing up for a Microsoft Advertising account, It’s important to understand the basics for using it. There are four types of user roles, each giving specific permissions to perform account functions.

1.Super Admin

The person who created the Microsoft Ads account is given full permissions for all accounts. They can add or delete users, specifying which accounts each user has access to. The Super Admin can manage everything related to billing and payments.

2. Standard User

A person in this role can manage campaigns and perform specific accounts & billing billing activities. However, unlike a Super Admin, a Standard User cannot add, edit, or delete payment methods, or create and delete ad accounts.

3. Advertising Campaign Manager

The Super Admin can assign an Advertiser Campaign Manager to add, edit, or delete campaigns within the selected accounts. This user role has no access to manage billing or payment tasks.

The Super Admin can choose which accounts the Advertiser Campaign Manager has access to.

4. Viewer

As you may have guessed, this user has read-only permissions.

Inviting Users to Access Your Microsoft Ads Account 

Only a Super Admin and a Standard User can invite others to work on the campaigns. To do so, follow this step-by-step guide for giving access to Bing ads (now Microsoft ads).

1. Sign in to your account, select “Tools” on the homepage and scroll down to “Account Access”

2. Click “Invite user” on the User Management page. 

3. Enter their information and select which account role they’ll have access to. 

4. Hit Send and Microsoft will send a helpful, instructional email to the user.

How to Get Access to a Client’s Microsoft Ads Account

If you’re an agency, It’s better to set up a formal relationship in Microsoft Advertising, rather than being added as a new user. You can directly link to your client's Microsoft ads account, making the working relationship smoother for you and your client.

Begin by ensuring you and your client have both signed up for a Microsoft Advertising account. Ask your client to give you their Microsoft Advertising account number, because you’ll need it when you request access. 

Follow these steps to request permission to manage a client's account:

1. In the top right menu, select “Tools” and scroll down to “Accounts”.

accounts and billing

2. Select “Account summary” on the left-side menu, and click “Requests”.

accounts summary

3. Click “Link to accounts”.


4. Enter your client’s Microsoft Ads account number, which will be an 8-digit mix of numbers and letters. Click “Next” at the bottom to continue.

Enter account ID

5. Choose a “Start date” for managing the account. If you select “Immediately”, you’ll begin managing the account as soon as the client accepts your request. Include a note if you wish.

Microsoft ads set up billing

6. If you want to take over billing for the account, you’ll need to provide payment details in the remaining section before clicking “Send request”. Be aware that If you take over billing, you'll also be responsible for any pending charges on the account once your request is accepted. You can choose to take over billing at any point.

How to Give an Agency Access to Your Microsoft Ads Account

Once an agency requests access to a Microsoft Ads account, the client has 30 days to either accept or reject. An email notification will arrive after the access request is completed, and the request will be automatically declined if there’s no response within 30 days.

Follow these simple steps to accept or reject the request: 

1. Select “Tools” at the top right of the page and scroll down to “Accounts”.

2. Click “Accounts summary” on the left-side menu, select “Requests” and then “Received”.

3. Under “Actions”, choose to either “Accept request” or “Decline request”.

Final Thoughts

Google Ads remains the undoubted king of PPC and search ads, but it would be wise for marketers to use the other tools at their disposal. There are a substantial number of Bing users and Microsoft Ads can help you reach a new target audience. 

We hope you now know how to get access to clients' Microsoft Advertising accounts thanks to our straightforward step-by-step guide.

For agencies, getting access to client social media and marketing assets can be a total headache and waste of time. Here at Leadsie, we make the process hassle-free and ensure agencies make a great first impression with their clients. Check out how our Leadsie link works and see for yourself how much time and how many headaches you’ll save.

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