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How to Give and Get Access to Snapchat Ads in 2023

Getting access to your client's Snapchat Ad Account doesn't need to be frustrating and time-consuming just send your client our step-by-step guide, and you'll be running ads in an instant! Does someone else manage your Snapchat account, and you need to grant them access? Here's exactly how to do that too. 🤳💬

Ekta Swarnkar
June 26, 2023
4 min. read
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How to Create a Snapchat Business Account 
How to Give Access to a Snapchat Business Account
How to Give Agency Access to a Snapchat Public Profile
How to Assign Agency Access to Snapchat Advertising Account
How to Request Access to Snapchat Account
How to Simplify Requesting Access for Other Marketing Assets

Let’s start with how you ended up on this page. It could be for either of these two reasons:

  • You’re the business owner who’s outsourced Snapchat marketing to a freelancer/agency, and you want to give your Snapchat account access but don’t know how.
  • You’re the freelancer/agency who onboarded a new Snapchat client. You want to request access to your client’s Snapchat assets so you can create Snapchat ads for them. 

Whatever your reason, you’re on the right page. 

This post will show you how to give and get access to Snapchat and Snapchat Ad Accounts.

How to Create a Snapchat Business Account 

Note: If you already have a business account and Public Profile setup, skip this section.

You can only assign members to create content for your Snapchat Public Profile and create ads for your Snapchat Ad Account if you have a Snapchat Business account. 

Create your Snapchat business account here if you don't have one.

how to create a Snapchat business account

After you’ve created your business account, set up your business’s Public Profile. 

Snapchat business dashboard

You can follow these instructions to create a Public Profile from your Snapchat ads manager.

Once you’ve set up your business account and Public Profile, you’re ready to add users to your account.

Why add users to your business account? Because from your Snapchat business account, you can easily assign user roles for:

  • Managing your Snapchat Public Profile
  • Your Snapchat Ad Account to manage ads 

How to Give Access to a Snapchat Business Account

Before you add a new user to your Snapchat Business Account, get acquainted with the different types of user roles and their permissions. 

3 User Roles For a Snapchat Business Account

Pick one of these roles to assign to your freelancer/agency.

1. Organization Admin

An organization admin is the owner of the account. They will have access to all features, including:

  • Creating, managing, and deleting Ad Accounts
  • Adding, managing, and removing account users
  • Assigning/changing user roles
  • Adding/managing billing center
  • Adding/managing payment methods

Assign this role only if you trust your freelancer/agency.

2. Business Admin

A business admin can access organization details, payment methods, roles, etc. But they can’t access individual Ad Accounts or Public Profiles. For that, they require permission.

3. Member

Members can only work on individual Ad Accounts or Public Profiles. They can only access the features based on the roles they’re assigned. 

How to Add Users to Your Snapchat Business Account

1. In your Snapchat Business Account, click "Create Ads" in the top left menu and navigate to the "Members" option

Invite member to Snapchat business account

2. Click on “Invite Member” 

Invite member to Snapchat business

3. Enter your freelancer’s name and email address, assign a role, and click “+ Invite Member”

add freelancer name

4. When you invite a member, they’ll be notified via email. Upon confirming the request, they’ll be added as a user

Snapchat Ads business invite

5. After they’ve accepted your request, you can view their details in the “Members” section

How to Give Agency Access to a Snapchat Public Profile

A SnapChat Public Profile makes your account more discoverable and helps you grow your audience on Snapchat. If your c business account has a Public Profile (which means anyone using the app can see your account and any content you post) you will be able to give access to someone else to manage it.

There are different roles you can assign for managing a Snapchat Public Profile. 

5 User Roles For Managing a Snapchat Public Profile

Choose which role you’d like to assign your freelancer/agency.

  • Profile Admin: looks after a Public Profile. They can add/remove snaps, stories, and lenses. They can also manage saved stories, user roles, and view insights.
  • Profile Collaborator: only view insights and add/remove snaps from your Public Story.
  • Story Contributor: adds/removes snaps, views insights and your past snaps.
  • Insights Viewer: views your insights. They don’t have other permissions.
  • Creative Contributor: creates content, such as creating and saving lenses to your profile.

Assigning Member Roles to Public Profiles on Snapchat

To assign members to create content for your Snapchat, you will need to have added them to your Snapchat Business Account as listed in the steps above.

Once that's done, follow these steps: 

1. Open the member’s profile by clicking on the little arrow next to their name

assign members to Snapchat business

2. Scroll down to “Public Profile memberships”

3. Choose your Public Profile in the first column, select role in the next column, and click “Add role”

public profile memberships

4. It’s done!

You'll see a new member assigned when you navigate to your Public Profile section:

member roles Snapchat

From there, they can create snaps, stories, or lenses for your Public Profile based on the permissions by logging in on the Snapchat app.

How to Assign Agency Access to a Snapchat Advertising Account

From your Snapchat Ad Account, you can assign different roles to users to create multiple ads.

5 User Roles For Managing Snapchat Ad Accounts

You can choose the Ad Account role you want to assign your freelancer/agency:

  • Account Admin: manages account details, views Snap Pixel code, and accesses all advertising collateral. 
  • Campaign Manager: manages campaigns, including video ads, snap ads, single ad, etc. works on creating ad collaterals for an account. 
  • Data Manager: can upload or manage target audience segments.
  • Data Analyst: can review advertising collateral and view performance metrics such as ad spend, creatives, campaign performance, total sales, engaged audience segments, etc.
  • Creative Manager: works on creating/managing ad content. 

Assigning User Roles to Snapchat Ad Accounts

To assign a user to run ads for you from your Snapchat Ad Account, follow these steps: 

1. Go to “Members” and select the member’s profile

assign members to Snapchat business

2. On “Account memberships,” choose your Ad Account from the first option,

3. Assign a role in the second column - in the example here, we chose Creative manager

4. Click “Add role”

Add ad account role

And that’s it! When you return to your Ad Account and navigate to the “Members and billing” section, you’ll see the user’s profile added — which means they’re advertisers, and now they can begin running ads through your Snapchat ads manager.

Members and billing

If you want to edit user roles or remove a user, follow the steps below.

How to Edit User Roles in Snapchat Business

To edit user roles, return to the Members column and open the user’s profile.

From this panel, you can edit user roles for business accounts, as accounts, and Public profiles. 

Edit user profiles in Snapchat ads

Once done, click “Save changes.”

How to Remove a User From Snapchat Business

Click the “Remove member” button on the top right to remove a member. 

Remove member Snapchat

How to Request Access to a Snapchat Ad Account or Public Profile

What if you’re a freelancer/agency who wants to request access to your client’s Snapchat assets? Is there a way to do that?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to request access other than asking your client to add you using the steps outlined above. If your client hasn’t added you, contact them, send your email address, and ask them to assign you relevant roles. 

Requesting Access for Other Marketing Assets

Whether you’re an agency or freelancer, requesting access manually can become overwhelming, tiring, and complicated if you work with many people. 

Now imagine the stress if you have to do it for all marketing assets. It’ll simply become unworkable. 

Leadsie simplifies giving/getting access to marketing assets. You simply share your Leadsie link, and your client grants you access. Leadsie saves you the headache of back-and-forth emails to onboard new clients. 

It’s more secure for everyone and saves a ton of time! Give it a try with our 14-day free trial…just enter your email in the box below

Here's how Leadsie works: 

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