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How to Give and Request Access to Webflow in 2024

Struggling to grant access to your Webflow website? Or are you an agency that needs access to your client's Webflow site? Follow these steps to give or get access, alleviate stress and get straight to work! 🏋️💻

Kirsten Lamb
January 11, 2024
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How do I give someone access to a Webflow Workspace?
How to give Webflow Workspace access to an agency or freelancer
What's the difference between Webflow Designer and Webflow Editor? 
How to give Webflow Editor access to people outside your Workspace 
How to get access to the Webflow Editor 
How to get access to Webflow Designer 
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If you’re not already familiar with Webflow, Webflow is a no-code web development platform that you can use to create and host websites.

Webflow is many companies’ go-to website builder because anyone can use it to build custom and responsive sites, stores, and blogs without any coding knowledge. With Webflow, you and your team can build custom sites using three of the most powerful programming languages — HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

It’s simple to use and easy to access. Whether your colleague wants to create a new blog post or your client wants to change up their site colors, you can provide access to Webflow in just a few clicks. 

If you’re already sold on the benefits of Webflow, you’re probably ready to get your team onboarded. In this post, we walk you through how you can provide anyone with access to the Webflow platform. 

How do I give someone access to a Webflow Workspace?

The Webflow Workspace contains all of the sites you build on Webflow. From your Workspace, you can easily create, review, manage, and make revisions to your Webflow sites. 

At the Workspace level, you can invite and set teammates as Owners, Admins, or Members. Each of these roles offer varying levels of permissions. Let’s walk through

What can Owners do in the Webflow Workspace? 

Owners have the highest level of permissions. Owners can: 

  • Delete or edit the Workspace 
  • Invite and remove members and manage their permissions
  • Make changes to integrations 
  • Update invoicing settings and download invoices
  • Add and remove credit cards or update credit card details
  • Make changes to Workspace templates 
  • Make changes to every site within a Workspace
  • Configure Workspace integrations 
  • Request that an Admin take on Workspace ownership 

What can Admins do in the Webflow Workspace? 

Admins have the second highest level of permissions. Admins can: 

  • Delete or edit the Workspace 
  • Update the Workspace’s invoicing settings and download invoices
  • Add, update, or remove the credit cards on file
  • Invite and remove Workspace members (but not remove the Owner)
  • Manage the permissions of other members 
  • Update the templates within a Workspace 
  • Access every site within a Workspace 
  • Configure Workspace integrations 

What can Members do in the Webflow Workspace? 

Members are limited in what they can do within a Workspace. Members can: 

  • Access every site within a Workspace 
  • Invite other members to a Workspace 
  • Configure Workspace integrations 
  • Update templates within a Workspace 
  • Download invoices 

How to invite people outside of your organization to use a Webflow Workspace 

You can also invite people outside of your organization to use a Workspace. If you are working on sites for clients then you may like to provide them with more creative control by giving them access to a Workspace. To do that, you can assign them a Guest role. 

Guests can

  • Access every site within a Workspace 
  • Configure Workspace integrations 
  • Update all templates within a Workspace 

How do you assign roles in a Webflow Workspace? 

Once you’ve decided on the roles you want each person to take on, it’s time to give them access to your workspace. 

When you invite someone to a Workspace, you can select the chosen role from the Role menu.

How to give Webflow Workspace access to an agency or freelancer

1. Head to your Settings in your Webflow dashboard:

Webflow Settings

2. Click Members then Invite guest

Add guests in Webflow

3. Enter the email address of the person you want to invite, click Invite:

invite to Webflow

4. Your agency or freelancer will receive an email to confirm they have access and will be able to confirm their access by clicking Accept invitation:

Webflow email invite

How do you modify Workspace roles in Webflow?

If you need to make changes to any of the roles you’ve assigned, you can modify them within a Workspace. Here’s how:

  1. Head to Settings in your Webflow Workspaces 
  1. Select the Members tab 
  1. Click on the 3 dots next to the Member and you can choose their role or remove them from the Workspace
Modify roles in Webflow

What's the difference between Webflow Designer and Webflow Editor? 

In the designer, you can manage all aspects of the site, from design and functionality. You only get access to Webflow Designer if you are added as a member in a Webflow Workspace.

The Webflow Editor only gives access to manage and edit content. This limited access is perfect if you have a freelancer or agency who needs to upload content to your site, without needing full design access.

How to give Webflow Editor access to people outside your Workspace 

Your team can build, design, and manage your Webflow sites within the Webflow Workspace and Webflow Design. You can also invite Guests to review sites, configure integrations, and make changes to templates.

But how do you invite people outside of your organization’s Workspace to make edits to content without making any changes to the site's design?

Enter the Webflow Content Editor - limited access that you can give to freelancers or agencies so they can upload and make edits to content.

You can give Webflow Content Editor access if you have a Webflow Business, Webflow CMS, or Webflow Ecommerce website plan. 

Ready to invite a content editor? In the same process you use to invite a site member, you: 

1. Head over to Site settings

2. Select the Members tab

3. Hit the Add content editor button 

add Webflow content editor

4. Type in your chosen site editor’s email address in the provided field 

invite content editor

5. Click Invite

Alternatively, you can also provide content editor access straight from the Webflow Designer Home.

Here’s how:

1. Select the Share icon located in the top right corner of the toolbar when in Design mode:

Webflow content editor access

2. Select Invite content editors

3. Wait for page to redirect you from Site settings to the Members tab

4. Hit the Add content editor button 

4. Drop your content editor’s email address in the box provided 

5. Click Invite  

Your content editor will receive a unique link in their confirmation email — let them know they should look out for it. The link will take them to a landing page where they can set up their own login details and gain access to your chosen site.

These login details will only provide access to the Editor account, not to your Webflow account. 

Have a Growth Workspace? You can choose your content editor’s permissions after selecting the Add content editor button from the menu. For example, you may give them edit capabilities or allow them to both edit and publish. 

How to get access to the Webflow Editor 

You can use the Webflow Editor (Webflow’s very own content management system — CMS for short) to manage and make changes to content or delete content on a client's site. From landing pages to individual blog posts, anyone with editor access can publish or revamp the site content. 

If you're an agency or freelancer, you can get access to your client's site by typing:

Access Webflow edit mode

Once you arrive on the site, you will see a small arrow in the bottom right corner: 

  1. Click on the arrow
  2. Enter the login details you created when you accepted the invite from your client (they will need to add you as a content editor using the steps above)
how to log in to editor mode in Webflow

You now have access to the Webflow Editor Mode!

Click on Edit on the bottom right and you should have access to the following screen: 

Webflow content editor

Keep in mind that if you click Publish, it will publish all changes that are currently on staging. Check that your client is happy for you to publish everything in the back end before clicking the button! 

How to access Webflow Editor from the Webflow Dashboard or Webflow Designer 

You don’t need a separate login to access the Webflow CMS, you can access Webflow Editor if you’re already logged in to Webflow:

  1. Head to the main Site Menu in the top right of your Dashboard (the burger menu)
  2. Click Editor
find editor in Webflow dashboard

How to get access to Webflow Designer 

In Webflow Designer, anyone on your team can design and build websites — sans code. You can use Webflow Designer to give site access to multiple people on your team, they can then edit content and track changes in real-time. 

With zero coding knowledge, everyone you work with can play with color palettes, fonts, and other key site elements to help create a sleek site. They can easily make use of the drag-and-drop features, Webflow templates, and simple interface. 

Once you have been invited to a Workspace by your client, you can start to use Webflow Designer to work on your Webflow project. First, you need to access your site. Here’s how: 

  1. Head to the Dashboard 
  1. Select the name of your Workspace from the Workspace dropdown menu 
  1. Choose the site you want to work on in Designer 
select designer on Webflow

Don’t forget — only one person can use Webflow Designer at a time 👩🏽‍🎨.

How to request design access from edit mode? 

Looking to jump from Edit mode to Design mode? Remember only one person can use Webflow Designer at a time. If someone is currently in Design mode then you’ll need to ask for control

Ready to request design control? Here’s how

  1. Select the ‘Mode status dropdown’. You’ll find this located to the right of your teams’ avatars 
  1. Select ‘Request design control’ 
  1. Click the ‘Request’ button to ask the person currently in Design mode to provide you with design control

And that's it! Everything you need to know about giving and requesting access to Webflow in 2024. Happy designing! 

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