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HELPY Media on Creating Video Content That Converts and Starting off their Client Relationships The Right Way

We love to understand our customers’ pain points so we can help to solve them. We spoke to Louis Paul from HELPY Media to learn how they use Leadsie to cut their onboarding time in half. They can now focus on the most important part of their business - creating. Read on to learn more about their story.

Johannes Radig
July 29, 2022
3 min. read
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Who Are HELPY Media?‍
The Onboarding Pain
How did Leadsie change everything?

Prefer a video? Watch the most important moments from our chat with Louis-Paul Baril, CEO and Digital Attraction Creator in this 5min video.

Who Are HELPY Media?

HELPY Media is based in Montreal, Canada and started ten years ago as a web development agency that then began to manage clients’ social media. The growth of the social media business accelerated so quickly that the rest is history, as they say.

Leaving the web development at the wayside, they got stuck into creating some of the most epic video content you’ll see across social media channels. Want a little taste?

Now a team of 7, plus several freelancers, HELPY Media is an agency with creativity at its heart. The agency’s USP? That they know how to create beautiful content that converts. 

Not many agencies who are strong on the creative side know what will actually drive users to their clients’ sites. HELPY Media creates multiple content options for their clients to A/B test. They are marketing and results-driven and understand that sometimes the best creative ads (sadly) aren’t the ones who win the conversion. 

The agency manages accounts throughout Canada, the USA, Europe and Australia and caters to various businesses, from private medical clinics to construction and everything in between. Their extensive experience means they understand the intricacies of every social channel.

The team manages everything for clients, from all their social media platforms, to Google Ads, Facebook Ads, corporate photography, videography, YouTube channels, and YouTube ads. 

The Onboarding Pain

One of those challenges, which has been a pain point since forever, is getting access to clients’ accounts. How did the agency manage before Leadsie? 

By building custom forms to try and make the process as easy as possible. Or using a simple email that tried to explain everything clients needed to share, from passwords to logos to logins:"90% of the time, it was a big ass email detailing everything we needed access to.” (Louis-Paul)

But guess what; this only worked half the time. Clients ALWAYS wanted to talk about it...they would call up, ask for help, waste some precious time, you know the drill. The team started making screen capture videos to try and explain giving access or have to jump on a Zoom call.

In the past, onboarding would often fall back on HELPY Media's CEO Louis-Paul when things became too technical for the team to handle. Although they had tried to automate everything, things would go wrong, and it would be left to Louis-Paul to take over, which wasn’t the best use of his time! 

“It was natural when we saw a solution like Leadsie. I said we need that, we need that!”

How Did Leadsie Change Everything?

With the first client HELPY Media tested Leadsie with, they had access to everything within 5 minutes. Hallelujah!

The client needs a good first impression, and this is exactly what Leadsie provides; no faffing with back and forth emails, video calls, etc. Leadsie now saves 15 minutes or more per client; previously there were at least 2 back and forth emails, a call, a video chat. 

What’s more, Louis-Paul doesn’t have to take onboarding into his own hands anymore: “With Leadsie, I’m confident that onboarding is something I can leave to the rest of the team.”

We’re happy to hear that Leadsie means you can now go back to focusing on your passion for creating incredible video content. If you are looking for exceptional quality content that drives conversions to your website, check out HELPY Media’s services

Do you want to simplify your client onboarding as well and save yourself *and* your clients hassle? Pop in your email below and get a free 14-day trial.

PS. Want another taste of their video production skills? 🤤

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Johannes Radig

A self-confessed marketing geek with a fetish for spreadsheets, Johannes is in his element when solving problems and building systems for solutions. When he’s not working on Leadsie, you’ll find him sharing his expertise with other startups as a mentor for 500 Global. In his spare time, he enjoys flinging a ball around a tennis court and cycling up daunting-looking mountains.