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Daphne Dunning Teaches Us How To Find New Clients and Nurture Client Relationships

We had a little chat with our lovely customer Daphne who founded Buzz PR as a side hustle to complement her full-time job in marketing and PR. We ended up learning a bunch from her about building a business and finding clients. Of course, we had to slip in a few questions about her experience with Leadsie too - her "single most important tool" now :)

Johannes Radig
July 6, 2022
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Last year following a Covid related redundancy, Daphne turned Buzz PR & Marketing into her full-time business. And boy is she glad she did! Low and behold, she loves it so much and wishes she’d taken her agency full time 10 years ago.

Earning more money than with her full-time job AND getting to choose who she works with. What’s not to love? 

Don’t worry, if this sounds like your dream, Daphne offers coaching on how she pulled off this magic! More about that later 😉

Daphne about how she got to where she is right now, what kind of clients she's helping, and what services she's offering 👇

Facebook to the rescue (really?!)

Part of Daphne’s success in marketing and PR comes from her thirst for knowledge. Always learning more and looking for the newest tools and tricks of the trade to make her and her clients’ lives easier.

Being part of industry Facebook groups are what lead her to Leadsie 😀

Facebook, by the way, is where she also finds a lot of her new clients. But not by actively promoting herself or running ads...

How, you may ask? By providing value to others. When people in Facebook groups ask questions related to her expertise, she happily answers them to spread her wisdom. 

And voila, she actively has new clients reaching out to her because they want more of her expert tips.

She’s fighting off the number of clients who want to work with her (can you teach us more, Daphne?!) and only accepts clients based on her values of honesty and transparency. Not ashamed to turn people down if they don’t feel like a fit. Here’s a small reminder that you can do that, too, dear reader!  

Daphne on how she gets her clients👇

How to onboard all those new clients?

Daphne takes clients’ vision and uses it to take their marketing strategies to the next level. Who is she helping? Law firms, gyms, eCommerce stores, life coaches, fortune 500 companies. You name it; she’s done it. 

As the team at Buzz PR is still very small, Daphne nurtures 1-1 relationships with all clients. But do you know what puts a spanner in the works of a smooth onboarding and great client relationship? A loooooong zoom call where she has to explain how to get access to the client’s assets. 

Wasting a tonne of time plus a load of hiccups depending on how tech-savvy the client was, was causing big headaches. 

She had always wanted to streamline her process but wasn’t sure how. Now, she uses Leadsie on her new client welcome page. The page features a give permission button, the client gets the leadsie link, and boom gives Buzz access!!

Clients have also found this new process smooth which is a big relief - you never know when using a new tool if it’s going to do what it says on the tin. 

Daphne on how Leadsie simplified her onboarding process👇

Daphne about Leadsie: “I wish I thought of this; it’s literally the best thing, one-click!!! Thank you, Leadsie, for helping me streamline my business.”

We asked Daphne, “How does Leadsie impact your business?”

“It’s the single most important tool I have right now. ”

Wow, we knew you loved us but are happy to hear we can positively impact your business like this. 

That’s the aim of the tool; to save you time so you can put your effort into the tasks that generate the dollars. 

Daphne really wanted to say these last words about Leadsie👇

The coaching experience

If you want to learn more about growing your business with PR and digital marketing, the tools, the strategies, and the insider tips, then thankfully for you, Daphne is launching a coaching program. You can learn first hand the skills it took her years to master.

Be in the know for the launch date by signing up for Buzz’s newsletter!

Do you want to simplify your client onboarding as well and save yourself *and* your clients hassle? Pop in your email below and get a free 14-day trial.

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Johannes Radig

A self-confessed marketing geek with a fetish for spreadsheets, Johannes is in his element when solving problems and building systems for solutions. When he’s not working on Leadsie, you’ll find him sharing his expertise with other startups as a mentor for 500 Global. In his spare time, he enjoys flinging a ball around a tennis court and cycling up daunting-looking mountains.