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Eliminate the Content Collection Bottleneck With Content Snare

Want a reputation as the slickest marketing agency in town? Then check out our series of interviews with founders of the tools tackling agency frustrations. Here's how to collect all the assets you need from your clients without any hassle. Check out Content Snare; what are you waiting for? 🥳💥

Sarah Wisbey
April 25, 2023
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What is Content Snare? 
Why does Content Snare exist?
Tell me about the Content Snare features
What’s the value of this tool for agencies? 
Quick Content Snare Summary

Our sole mission at Leadsie is to make life easier for our agencies. Saving you time and onboarding hassle is the whole reason we exist. 🥳

So, we thought we’d track down some other epic tools for agencies. With these agency tools, you’ll eliminate all the unnecessary back-and-forth with your clients. The tools we chose help you minimize the admin side of your business and maximize the time you spend doing what you’re best at.

We’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff to bring you only the best available tools in 2023. 🤠

Let’s take a look at another of our favorite tools for agencies: Content Snare

Our Co-founder Johannes spoke to Jimmy (Content Snare Founder) to learn how the tool saves agencies a ton of time and why they love it. 

What is Content Snare? 

In its simplest form, Content Snare is a platform that helps agencies get information from their clients. 

If you’re fed up with the arduous process of collecting documents, forms, and content from your clients, it’s the ideal tool for you. 

Shared docs are messy, endless emails are irritating, and big files are hard to share. Content Snare takes the agg out of this process to make content sharing seamless. 

Why does Content Snare exist?

Content Snare

After interviewing a ton of agencies about their onboarding process, Jimmy discovered they all had one snare in common….collecting content from clients. 

Without content like logos, taglines, brand messaging, etc., how can an agency even do its job? If collecting that content is a nightmare, it can be near impossible to get the job started. 

Most agencies typically use email to collect their client info and content. But let’s be honest with ourselves here; most of us are terrible at using email. Does inbox zero truly exist for any business owner? 

Our point is…trying to get info from clients is ALWAYS a struggle. 

Google Docs with random bits of info all over the place take ages to sort through, and collating that info wastes your time. Not to mention the levels of frustration your client goes through in this process.

Content Snare allows you to collect only the information you ACTUALLY need from your clients in an organized way. 

Here’s Jimmy explaining why Content Snare exists in his own words:

Tell me about the Content Snare features

Ok, as you asked so nicely, here are some of the features that make Content Snare so easy to use...

  • One of the most popular features is automatic reminders - (because nobody likes chasing clients for outstanding info) 
  • You can add due dates and a reminder schedule 
  • Clients can fill out some info and come back to finish later thanks to autosave
  • Level of constraint for what the client can upload (you can set dimensions and pixels for files)
  • The reject feature! If a client shares something you can’t use via Content Snare, you can hit reject, and the client will receive a message with more specifics 
  • You don’t need to write custom messages to every client about your content needs
  • Custom branding for your agency 
  • Drag and drop interface to make the process easy even for non-technical people 
  • Option to edit on mobile and other devices 

Want to see it all in action? Here’s Jimmy’s walk-through of all the important features:

What’s the value of this tool for agencies? 

what is content snare

Agencies love Content Snare because it eliminates the back and forth between agency and client to get the necessary content to start campaigns. 

When you sign on a new client, you want to make the best impression possible because they’re still wondering if they made the right decision to hire you. If you make your onboarding process as smooth as possible, you’ll ooze professionalism, and clients will give you rave reviews. 

Content Snare also gives structure to collecting content, saving your agency time sifting through dozens of docs looking for what you need. When you send the client your content request, you choose the image sizes, aspect ratios, file sizes, and conditions. 

Say adios to random file-sharing apps containing pixelated logos. 👋

The other value of Content Snare? It breaks down your requests into bite-sized pieces to limit overwhelm for the clients. You actually tell the client what you need from the get-go, which saves time on all sides. 

When you set up a Content Snare request, you can think about whether your questions give clients everything they need to answer this question right the first time. This will eliminate miscommunication and endless email chains. 

Want to know more? Back to Jimmy on the impact his tool is having on agency’s lives and why the onboarding phase is so important :

Quick Content Snare Summary

Agencies that use Content Snare say they reduce the time they spend collecting and collating content by an average of 71%. 🤩

We’re impressed! 

Keep up the awesome work, and thanks for taking the time to chat with us! 

Do you want a sexier way to gather information from your clients and streamline their content? Try ContentSnare today!

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