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How Problem Solvers Consultants Saves 100s Of Hours Onboarding Small US Businesses

Problem Solvers Consultants is a boutique marketing agency from West Virgina, USA, helping small businesses to grow. Client onboarding was a major sticky point for them, with some clients taking weeks (!) to give access. That has changed when they discovered Leadsie...

Johannes Radig
May 8, 2024
2 min. read
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Quitting Corporate to Build a Boutique Agency
The Sticking Point ‍
Finding Solutions ‍
What Does Slick Onboarding Look Like?‍

We love our customers! ❤️ So we decided to learn more about the agencies that use Leadsie, what drives them, and how they work differently now Leadsie is in their life. 

Wanna learn more too? Check out our chat with the CEO of Problem Solvers Consultants, Mike Ruffing. 👇

Quitting Corporate to Build a Boutique Agency

Mike started Problem Solvers Consultants as a side hustle to help his friends who were having trouble with dodgy SEO guys. You know the types who over promise and under deliver, and you aren’t sure what you’re paying for. 

It turned out that Mike’s services were in greater demand than the time he had to give. Quitting his corporate job, he decided to build an agency that would take care of the complete marketing strategy for small businesses in the US. 

Problem Solvers Consultants works with small business owners who don’t have the capacity to deal with digital. They can outsource their entire digital marketing campaign for less than it costs to hire an intern. 

Most agencies don’t want to work with lower-budget businesses and get sucked in by the offer of big bucks from large clients with money to burn.

Smaller businesses need marketing activities that actually deliver results for every dollar being spent. For that reason, marketing agencies often overlook the smaller companies that need help the most. 

Problems Solvers Consultants stand out because they want to help as many people as they can grow their small businesses. Despite having grown to a team of 17, Mike still personally talks with every client the agency works with to make sure they know the strategy and plan.

The Sticking Point 

With so many clients to onboard every month, a common sticking point kept getting thrown up.

That sticking point was onboarding new clients.

A process dreaded by clients and employees alike, the agency has at least five people taking care of the onboarding process, which looked like:

  • A questionnaire the client fills out 
  • 45 min Zoom call to explain what was needed
  • An email; clarifying the requested assets
  • Request to send the Facebook Ad Account number, Page Id, Instagram handle, and WordPress
  • Another zoom with screen sharing

Common frustrations from clients included not finding the request to manage the Facebook page. Some clients would even send personal Facebook log-in details (including their passwords that they use for everything), hoping it would be enough to sort everything out. In short, a massive headache.

The experience was frustrating for customers; such a major sticking point that made the agency look bad, even though they are experts and provide a high-quality service.

It could take up to 2 weeks to get access. One client even asked, “why am I paying for this when you haven’t done anything yet?”

Finding Solutions 

Mike was served an ad for Leadsie on Facebook and was intrigued because of the sticking point the agency was experiencing. 

After checking the website 3 or 4 times, he signed up for a trial, valuing the idea of the time it may save. He had no idea if it would work to solve the problem and sent a link to a few clients with a warning that this new tool was a trial and they could onboard the old way if it didn’t work.

So what happened? Listen to what Mike has to say...

Thankfully for us (!) and them, the 2-3 hours it took to onboard previously were instantly saved as immediate access to Facebook assets was granted. 

What Does Slick Onboarding Look Like?

We asked Mike if he’s received any feedback from his clients:  “Yes! Everyone who has used it so far has loved it.”

Feedback from another client who has an eCommerce store selling eco-fabrics said:

Mike's E-Commerce client: “I clicked on it, and it works! I’ve had to give people access before and this is way better”

Phew! The team at Problem Solvers consultants are also pleased about the time Leadsie saves them and won’t let Mike get rid of it now they have it.

He reckons the team is too afraid to say how good Leadsie is, as they worry he won’t need them anymore! Don’t worry guys, Mike has plenty of other work to keep you busy that isn’t 2-3 hours of onboarding emails, phone calls, and zoom meetings! ☺️

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us, Mike! Keep killing it with the marketing strategy that’s growing small businesses across the US.  

If you want some of Problem Solvers Consultants’ expertise in your life then make sure you follow them on Instagram or check out their site

Do you want to simplify your client onboarding as well and save yourself *and* your clients hassle? Pop in your email below and get a free 14-day trial.

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Johannes Radig

A self-confessed marketing geek with a fetish for spreadsheets, Johannes is in his element when solving problems and building systems for solutions. When he’s not working on Leadsie, you’ll find him sharing his expertise with other startups as a mentor for 500 Global. In his spare time, he enjoys flinging a ball around a tennis court and cycling up daunting-looking mountains.